How to make a visitor visa to Ukraine: main stages and all documents

28.01.2017, 15:01
How to make a visitor visa to Ukraine: main stages and all documents
The question of how to place a visitor visa to Ukraine is almost the most relevant among the many foreign applicants, which in the future where you expect to arrive on the territory of Ukrainian State solely for the purpose of visiting certain people - both Ukrainian citizens and foreign residents that legally there live.
Make yourself a visitor visa for one-time or frequent trips to Ukraine well, very simply, for this you need to collect all the necessary papers, to bring them to the embassy or other diplomatic institutions pay for the services of these bodies and wait for the result.
The process of registration
Generally visitor's visa to Ukraine - one of the mandatory conditions for the citizens of many countries for free and in turn the legal crossing the Ukrainian border. She is put in the passport document overseas.
Issued visa sanctions directly to Ukrainian Embassy. Documents on this type of visa the foreign citizen can cook yourself or seek the assistance of third parties, which, as a rule, the brokerage firm providing services in the field of visa issues.
After submission of all pre-assembled package of documents to the Embassy of the foreigner gets the checks to pay for visa services. Service in the case of registration of documents via intermediary firms pay on the spot immediately. For the Ukrainian diplomatic service firms have to pay after the filing of the bank's hand, received only US currency.
Visa fee is determined relative to its category, the prices for visa services firms are established in accordance with the number of services provided and their quality. Prices for a visa are governed by the laws of Ukraine. The most expensive is a multiple-entry visa, and the cheapest - a one-time, have double-entry visa between the two.
Needless manufacture of visas, including the guest lasts about fifteen days. If you want to study in detail the case, the consideration may be delayed. Foreigners are offered and special visa if I pay the visa fee, but exclusively in the double size.
How to make a visit visa can be found on the web pages of the relevant institutions in Ukraine visa. Contents can be based on the following documents:
1. The questionnaire form, correctly filled manually.
2 photo cards corresponding to the external view of the applicant at the time of filing.
3. The passport document for travel abroad for sticking visas.
4. Insurance against accidents that could happen in Ukraine.
5. Proof of financial solvency to cover its own costs.
6. Evidence guest purpose of the trip - a guest invitation.

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