How to make an invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine: stages and documents

27.02.2017, 11:02
How to make an invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine: stages and documents
How to make an invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine can be found only after treatment in a specialized visa companies that provide similar services to all foreign applicants.
Generally the invitation - the most important document on the basis of which can be issued the required type of Ukrainian visa. After all, in the text of the document contains all the necessary for a consular employee information regarding future travel of representatives of foreign countries within the Ukrainian state.
Types of invitations and where they draw
If there was a question how to make the invitation of foreigners in Ukraine, you should first determine its type. Categories of this instrument is extremely easy to identify, but the purpose of the trip should be aware of this. It is from this fact and are repelled when establishing the form of invitations to supply the Ukrainian visa.
For example, if the main purpose of travel is tourism Ukrainian state, then it is necessary to contact travel agents for the registration of the same type of invitation. If foreigners are traveling to visit loved ones in Ukraine, they will have to submit private invitations that are issued by the Migration Service has on Ukrainian soil. This structure also provides workers, business invitation.
If foreign nationals traveling to Ukraine to participate in religious activities, sports competitions, cultural exchange, etc., while the Ukrainian side, which receives foreign guests, please contact the nearest local office of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of the issuance of the respective types invitations - religious, cultural, sports.
Production from several days to three weeks.
All required documents
The foreigners yes ive Ukrainians often there is a problem how to make an invitation to Ukraine and what documents are needed for this. So, the list of securities is not very voluminous for invitation.
The easiest way to get a travel invitation, because it needs to submit only a passport and fill out an application by the tourist.
In order to arrange the invitation through the state agencies need to provide:
1. Application of the legal entity or physical.
2. A copy of the passport of a person who is engaged in design.
3. Family / business / working relationship with a foreigner.
4. Confirmation of the number of events with sports, religious or cultural orientation.
5. The instruments of monetary solvency of both sides to cover absolutely all the expenses of visitors during Ukrainian travel.
6. Other optional paper depending on the situation.

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