How to make an invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine: the basic requirements and steps to a successful receipt

07.06.2017, 16:06
How to make an invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine: the basic requirements and steps to a successful receipt
How to make an invitation for a foreigner to Ukraine is one of those visa issues that often arise among both Ukrainian citizens and foreigners, because the opening of a Ukrainian visa always remains an urgent problem. It's no secret that the Ukrainian state has signed various international treaties that declare the establishment of a visa regime for citizens of many African, Asian countries. Therefore, the issue of opening a visa, and most importantly, preparing an invitation remains relevant and this will always be.
Types of invitations for foreigners
The invitation, like any diplomatic document, is divided into many kinds. The main factor in this case is the goal of opening the most Ukrainian visa and, accordingly, travel. It is very simple to define the category of the invitation itself. For example, if you need to go for a vacation at a resort, at a local sanatorium or just visiting various places of interest in history and culture, then a tourist invitation will come to the rescue.
If a foreigner wants to go to Ukraine in order to establish business ties with Ukrainian partners, sign contracts with them, then he must have a business invitation for filing. If they go to work, then in this case it is worth talking about the working type of the invitation.
Where can I get an invitation
How to make an invitation to Ukraine? To do this, you just need to contact a specialized agency or a private company that deals with such a matter. But here you also need to know where to go. Most invitations are made through different Ukrainian state bodies. Although no one prohibits for assistance to apply to visa firms, which in such cases act as intermediaries between the applicant and, respectively, the Ukrainian state. So, the tourist invitation can be easily obtained in travel agencies, because only they provide services for booking accommodation, various sightseeing programs. Working, on a visit or on business - such invitations must necessarily pass through the Migration Service, because only this body in accordance with the current legislation has the right to certify such documents. Cultural, religious, issued in local offices of Ukrainian ministries.
Production time and price
Such documents are produced very quickly. This can take several days. But there are certainly cases when the examination is delayed up to three weeks.
As for the price, then tourist invitations or all passing through private companies, cost according to the price of these structures. The price for those to which civil servants put their hand are made by the Ukrainian state. The state fee is paid.

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