How to make an invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine: phased registration

11.12.2017, 14:12
How to make an invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine: phased registration

How to make an invitation for a foreigner to Ukraine and make a payment for it - these are often the questions that various applicants have to face with both a foreign passport and a Ukrainian passport. After all, the first are interested in obtaining one of the types of the Ukrainian visa, while others are the host in most cases. And since the invitation is determined by the key document in the list necessary for obtaining visas, it is necessary for all.

Step by step design

How to make an invitation to Ukraine can be found in various visa companies specializing in such problems. It is they who can simultaneously help with the preparation of everything necessary for such a process.
As a rule, the first stage is the preparation of documents. The type of necessary invitation is determined (in this case they are guided by the purpose of the trip of foreign citizens to the territory of a particular region of Ukraine), and further papers are prepared.
The next, that is, the second stage is the definition of the body, in which these documents and should be borne.
After filing them, the payment is carried out in accordance with the number of ordered visa services, their volume and the like.
And the final stage is the selection of the result. As practice shows, it is always positive.

Required papers

Since the first and in turn the main stage of the manufacturing of an invitation is the preparation of documents, all applicants should be armed and prepare the following:
1. A filled-in application.
2. Identification card.
3. A copy of the passport document of the foreign guest.
4. Proof of the purpose of his trip.
5. Other documents that act as financial guarantors, confirmation of a short or long stay of foreigners and the like.

Where to submit all the papers

Often the applicants who have already collected the necessary contracts, the papers, are thinking about where they should file these papers. So, first of all, it is worth paying attention to various private visa companies, who are ready to do everything for the customer for a fee.
As for the bodies that are responsible for issuing invitations, this is the Migration Service, various local departments of ministries, public organizations and the like.

Price list

The cost of a specific invitation depends on:
- firm that draws up;
- the period of issue;
- species;
- visa situation.

Term of issue

As a rule, most invitations are issued two, or even three weeks. After all, you need to process all submitted documents. But quite quickly you can get a tourist type, because in the agency he is ready in three days.

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