How to make an invitation to Ukraine: Documents and registration

26.10.2016, 13:10
How to make an invitation to Ukraine: Documents and registration
How to make an invitation to Ukraine - a problem that is often faced by Ukrainian residents before to invite foreign guests. After an invitation - a key document on the basis of which Ukrainian is issued a visa regardless of the purpose of travel.
It is in this act and contains all the valuable information on the receiving side, place a foreigner residing in Ukraine, and the like.
Make an invitation, you can stay in the country of a foreign citizen, and on the territory of Ukraine. The structure, where these documents are made is selected according to the type of invitation - to tourism, to visit with the business purpose, to participate in various cultural, sports and recreational activities, etc.
Stages of processing
How to make an invitation to a foreigner in Ukraine?, but just enough. You must perform the following steps:
1. Identify categories invitations and choose the structure to which the handle. Travel vouchers can be bought at a travel agency in Ukraine or in the country of residence of the foreigner. All other invitations are issued only through the internal structures of the Ukrainian state - the Migration Service offices or territorial ministries.
2. Gather the necessary documents list for a particular type of invitation. In particular, tourism will be enough only a passport. For all other need more documents, a list can be found below.
3. Carry out payment services relevant organizations that are engaged in design. The cost of the invitation on tourism depends on the number of tourist services, which will order a foreigner. Billing to other types of established Ukrainian state paid the state fee.
4. Get the document after a certain time. Making tourist invitation within a few days, all the others are given three weeks later.
Documents for application
If there was a question how to make an invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine, there is no need to worry that this task is impossible. Making such important acts require submission of the next (important - except tourist invitation):
1. Ad hoc requests from individual / legal entity.
2. The certificate of citizenship or legal residence in the Ukrainian power.
3. Documents from the bank as evidence of enough money to cover the costs of a foreign guest.
4. In case of registration of a business invitation - documents on the Ukrainian business structure and contracts.
5. In the case of visiting relatives - prove family ties.
6. In the case of participation in the events of a different nature - the schedule of celebrations.

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