How to make an invitation to Ukraine and everything necessary for this

24.09.2018, 16:09
How to make an invitation to Ukraine and everything necessary for this
How to make an invitation to Ukraine and how to successfully obtain a visa permit, and cross the border with him - these are the three most pressing issues now facing many foreigners. The relevant services are engaged in crossing the border, in particular, Borderline. But with the problem of obtaining Ukrainian visas, including the design for this type of invitation, various visa companies of a private nature will help to cope, because they will prompt you how to do everything correctly, prepare documents and the like.
Package of papers for submission to the invitation
The invitation is undoubtedly an important document, you can even say that without it you can not get by with a visa. Any Ukrainian visa at the Embassy or other diplomatic body is issued only if there is an invitation, the type of which is determined by the purpose of the trip.
The invitation must also be pre-registered. As a rule, to obtain it, you must submit an application to the Migration Authorities or others that deal with such issues (if interested, then state administrations, or rather their departments, travel agencies, visa companies, etc.), documents proving the purpose of travel of foreign citizens and confirmation in writing, documented financial solvency or foreigners, or Ukrainians to cover the costs that will arise.
Cost of registration and terms
Most types of invitations are made in various state institutions, so the amount of payment for them will not be very high. In most cases, a state fee is paid, the amount of which is insignificant and clearly prescribed in the legislation. In case of registration through private institutions, in particular, travel agencies, visa firms, you will have to pay more, of course, this will not be a sky-high amount, however, more than through a state institution. And here everything is calculated individually, because visa managers rely on the complexity of the situation, how quickly they need to receive an invitation to an alien to Ukraine.
The time for issuing invitations depends on the type of the invitation. If we talk about the category that is more quickly formed, then this is a tourist one. At its manufacturing managers spend a maximum of three days, of course, there are different cases, but this time does not take very much. Invitations that go through administrations, migration departments, are processed longer - there are cases when foreign or Ukrainian applicants receive it in their hands two, or even three weeks later.

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