How to quickly and inexpensively issue a business invitation to Ukraine for a foreigner

12.12.2017, 11:12
How to quickly and inexpensively issue a business invitation to Ukraine for a foreigner

Business invitation to Ukraine to a foreigner, the stages and ways of its registration - this is the last time those legal entities on Ukrainian territory are interested that they plan in the near future to invite representatives of other countries for cooperation in the business sphere.

What is a business invitation

What does this invitation look like? What is in it that everyone talks about its design? So, a business invitation to Ukraine is an ordinary paper document, the size of which depends primarily on the text indicated in it. This paper is sent to foreign applicants from the Ukrainian state, and this is done by those legal entities that, according to the laws, conduct their activities there and cooperate with various foreign companies or simply private businessmen.
This document is important because it is necessary and key in the list of papers for obtaining a business visa. The Ukrainian Embassy requires it from all applicants with a foreign passport that they plan to open this type of visa permit for themselves.

Where can I get a business invitation

There are two ways to get an invitation:
- independently prepare a package of documents, apply to the Migration Service;
- Put everything on the shoulders of employees of various private visa companies, who are always ready to provide services of this nature for a fee.

What you need for a business invitation

As already understood, the business invitation is sent by the Ukrainian side to a foreign country, that is, a certain business cooperation is conducted between them. Accordingly, to get a business type invitation, you need to somehow prove this. The migration service requires such a list of documents:
1. An application from a representative of a legal entity.
2. Passport of this representative.
3. Passport (copy) of the foreign guest.
4. Proof of legality of existence (doing business) on the Ukrainian land. Here it is a question of various extracts, certificates on registration, fixing in the necessary departments of the legal entity.
5. Proof of funds, which will be enough to cover the expenses of the guests.
6. Proof of past cooperation between both parties. Served only if available.

Production time

Such a category of invitation must necessarily pass through certain representatives of the Migration Service, and this all takes time. So, this document is made from two to three weeks. Terms depend on both the complexity of the visa situation and the speed of the Migration Service itself.

Price list

State duty - that's what must be paid in this case. A plus for the services of private-type visa firms, if they were asked for help.

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