How quickly to get a visa and to come to Ukraine on the invitation

06.03.2017, 12:03
How quickly to get a visa  and to come to Ukraine on the invitation
Get a visa and come to Ukraine at the invitation are all foreigners, regardless of their status, unless otherwise provided for by international law. After all, the Ukrainian state is not all the visa regime for citizens of many countries a visa to cross the Ukrainian border is not needed.
If all the same it turned out that need visa sticker, then you should know that it is made on the basis of a certain type of invitation through various diplomatic bodies.
Invitation: basic nuances of getting
If there was urgent question how to get an invitation to Ukraine, you should immediately contact the relevant organizations that specialize in these visa issues. It can be as diplomatic missions, and various intermediary groups, providing services and advice to prepare all the necessary documents.
Generally invitation divided into many categories, which you can define according to travel. For example, if the goal is to vacation at the resorts, then it is necessary to issue an invitation to travel and ask for a tourist visa if the purpose of conducting business activities in favor, then why not take a business invitation and accordingly ask for the same type of visa and the like.
Get travel invitation to all interested persons may travel agents. It is a special tourist voucher, which indicates a list of all tourism services.
All the rest are made by the Ukrainian authorities, which include the Migration Service, the local representative of special youth ministries, sports, culture. To do this, you need to prepare the package of documents, which are required depending on the situation.
In particular, the tourist will be asked to provide only a passport. For all other have to fill an application, provide a copy of the passports of persons that process, and who will be traveling to Ukraine, proof of the main purpose of the trip, the degree of relationship with the host country and other supporting documents, the list of which is unique.
Making an invitation lasts from several days to three weeks.
Receipt of a visa
Ukrainian visa is very difficult to get at. If required, type an invitation already on hand, you can only make certain documents and bring them to the Embassy of Ukraine or other diplomatic missions. As a rule, an additional need to provide visa application form, photo, health insurance and proof of financial ability to cover the costs.
After the alien receives a check. The visa fee depends on the category (the cheapest - disposable, expensive - multi).
Manufacturing period of ten to fifteen days.

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