How to quickly receive an invitation and come to Ukraine

03.08.2017, 18:08
How to quickly receive an invitation and come to Ukraine

Get an invitation and come to Ukraine are all foreigners, which according to international law and the need to pre-open a different visa ban on the entry.
The invitation is essentially a key document on the basis of which citizens of foreign states get a chance to issue one of the types of the Ukrainian visa, depending on the purpose of the planned trip.

What is an invitation and where can I get it?

When registering a Ukrainian visa among all foreigners, the question arises: "What is an invitation?". After all, it is mandatory and required by the consuls. The invitation is a printed document, which contains all information regarding the future travel of an alien to the territory of Ukraine. In simple words, it indicates the purpose of the trip, the days of residence, the period for which the foreign citizen is invited, passport data and contact details of both the inviting party and the person who will be applied for a visa and so on.
The next problem faced by citizens of other countries is "how to get an invitation to Ukraine and who should deal with its design". In this case, you must first pay attention to the type of the document itself. If tourist invitations are made both in Ukraine and in another country. That all the rest must necessarily pass through the Ukrainian state bodies.
If more precisely, all workers, guests, business and other invitations must pass through the Migration Service. Such as cultural, sports, religious are issued in the territorial offices of one of the Ukrainian ministries.

What you need to get an invitation

A package of all necessary papers for the invitation is usually not very voluminous. Require an application from any physical or, if necessary, even legal entities, the identity card of the person who is making such a document, a copy of the identity card of a citizen of another state, which plans to travel to Ukraine, and other documents confirming the need for entry, the purpose of issuing an invitation .

Invitation price and due date

The cost of each invitation depends on the situation. As a rule, everything is individual, because each foreigner has his own visa and travel purpose. On average, for all invitations that pass through Ukrainian state bodies, you have to pay the full amount of the state fee. If we talk about the tourist invitation, because it is issued to everyone in the travel agency, then the tariffs are set by this organization.
The manufacturing time is from several days to three weeks.

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