How to arrange an invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine

17.08.2016, 15:08
How to arrange an invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine
How to make an invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine - a question that immediately ceases current before applying any Ukrainian visa. registration process includes determining the objectives of the trip within the Ukrainian state, the collection of relevant documents, filing them in the profile organizations that are engaged in the issuance of such documents and data fees firms.
In general, an invitation - a key document which is taken into account when issuing visas. Therefore, for its design to be taken seriously.
Issue invitations are both foreigners and Ukrainians, acting either as an individual or entity. It all depends on the kind invitation.
Design features
The first step in the process of registration of this document is to define the purpose of the planned trip. After the invitation to come in various types, which are formed just on this parameter.
Thus, the most popular types of invitations are a business, tourist, visitor, sports or cultural events, religious. However, this list is not limited to these types, listed here are simply the most common, with the design of which often turn.
The structures that make out invitations
If there was a question: where to issue an invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine, you should first pay attention to the purpose of the trip and the mere sight of the invitation. After all, on this factor will depend on the profile to which the authority to apply for such a document.
For example, if you want an invitation to travel, you should go to a travel agency is a foreigner in his own country. Other types of invitation has been the Ukrainian side. If you need an invitation to the culture, it is responsible for the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Culture, Sports - The Ministry of Youth and Sports, religion - religious organizations (but also need to reassure the Ministry of Culture).
Most invitations are made in the Migration Service.
How to issue an invitation to Ukraine can be found on the web portals of these structures, or directly in the premises of the local authorities of the profile.
Documents for registration
Among the documents that are served are:
1. About the data.
2. Passport foreigner or just a copy.
3. The application for registration.
4. Civil passport of the Ukrainian side.
5. Statement of cash.
6. Proof of kinship.
7. Constituent documents on business structures, cultural, sports, religious organizations.
The term of the issuance of
The term of the issuance of invitations - from 2 to 21 days.

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