How to make an invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine: everything that is necessary for this

13.09.2017, 16:09
How to make an invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine: everything that is necessary for this

How to make an invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine is undoubtedly an actual visa problem faced either by foreigners that they plan to go to Ukrainian territory, or the same Ukrainians inviting such citizens to their homeland.
This process involves several stages, which at first glance is very simple. But, if problems arise, then always come to the aid of private visa structures.

Types of invitations

All invitations are divided into specific types, the type and category of which depends on the purpose of opening a visa and traveling to Ukraine. It is very simple to define the category of invitations, it is only necessary to find out the purpose, for example, tourist, business, personal, business and the like.

Stages of registration

How to make an invitation to Ukraine will prompt in the visa bodies. As a rule, this process includes several stages:
1. Preparation, collection of all necessary documents.
2. Submission of them to specialized bodies (public or private).
3. Payment for services of these specialized bodies.
4. Selection of the result.

Required documents

For each type of invitation, you need separate documents, but there is something that unites them all:
1. Application from the person responsible for registration. In most cases, these are individuals in Ukraine. After all, it is logical that Ukrainian citizens invite foreigners, therefore, they draw up invitations.
2. Passport (copy) of the alien that will go to Ukraine.
3. Identity card that submits the documents.
4. Financial guarantees of covering expenses of foreign guests.
5. Other documents in accordance with the type of invitation:
- on business it is necessary preliminary contracts, documents on legal business dealing in Ukraine;
- official documents on registration of the company are also provided for working;
- on guest proof of relationship and the like.

Submission of documents and payment

Most invitations are issued by the Migration Service or local departments of any Ukrainian Ministries. But the tourist type must go through a travel agency.
Payment for the services of state bodies is carried out on the spot, the cost is the full amount of the state fee. The services of private structures are paid according to their tariffs.

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