Invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine: elements and ways of competent registration

01.12.2017, 13:12
Invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine: elements and ways of competent registration

The invitation for a foreigner to Ukraine in simple words is an important document, without which it is difficult to provide a package of documents necessary for the production of one of the types of the Ukrainian visa. After all, sanctions on cross-sections (single or multi) of the Ukrainian border are issued only on the basis of this factor.
You can make or just buy it in any private organization, whose profile is visa issues.

Types and methods of issuing invitations

The invitation of an alien to Ukraine is an important problem for many Ukrainian citizens, because many of them have relatives who are familiar with that they live in those countries that have signed an agreement with the Ukrainian state on establishing a visa regime. Therefore, this issue is even topical today.
The process of issuing any invitation begins with the definition of its form. And it is quite easy to find out - it is only necessary to determine the purpose of a foreign guest's trip to Ukraine. So, if a foreigner goes on vacation, then he needs to buy a tourist invitation, as a student - educational, talk and conclude agreements with business partners - business and so on.
But, when the type of invitation has already been determined, they will recognize the organ in which it should be addressed.
You can, of course, ease your own life and immediately go to private institutions, which for a fee will do everything necessary to ensure that the client quickly received a document so necessary to him. But you can directly contact the specialized bodies, preparing everything you need. Everyone decides for himself.
Therefore, after a tourist invitation, as a rule, they go to travel agencies (the term of production is from several days), but to workers, guests, business people, etc. - The Migration Service (the term of production - up to three weeks), you can apply to the local offices that are subordinated to the Ukrainian Ministries (the period is also up to twenty days).

Everything you need to get

The complexity of making an invitation is not great. The package of documents required in accordance with Ukrainian legislation is generally insignificant.
In most cases, applicants file the following:
1. A special application, which they fill out by hand.
2. Your civil passport or residence permit.
3. A copy of the passport document of the one who will go to Ukraine.
4. Proof of the need to receive a specific type of invitation.
5. Other documents depending on:
- desire of the applicant;
- purpose of travel;
- the body that manufactures.


For the invitation the payment is calculated in accordance with the form of manufacturing (independently or through a private visa authority). Additionally, everyone pays a state fee.

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