Invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine: what you need to get

04.07.2017, 17:07
Invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine: what you need to get
An invitation for a foreigner to Ukraine is a mandatory item in the list of necessary documents for the registration of a Ukrainian visa, regardless of the purpose of the trip and the category of this sanction.
Without this document, it is simply impossible to obtain a permit to cross the Ukrainian border legally.
Types of invitations
The invitation of a foreigner to Ukraine is different. In this case, the key factor is not the category of the Ukrainian visa (although this is also the defining moment), but the purpose of the trip.
For example, the following types are made: tourist, sports, cultural, religious, business, business, guest, for training and the like. That is, how many goals, so many invitations.
Where can I get an invitation
After everyone knows that the invitation is an important document for issuing a visa, then the following problem arises: where can I get such papers and what is needed for this.
All invitations (except tourism only) must pass through various state bodies of Ukraine. Without the seal of one of such organizations, the documents are considered invalid. In particular, business, workers, invitations for training and the like must pass through the Migration Service. Go to the Ministry of Ukraine and their territorial offices that specialize in culture and sports. You can also apply to various private visa agencies that deal with similar issues - they provide services in issuing documents for any invitation.
And in the end it is worth remembering the tourist invitation, which is very easy to arrange, because for this you do not need to go to different state institutions. The production of such documents is occupied by travel companies, because only they book hotels, tickets, provide various tourist services.
What you need to get an invitation
An invitation is a very important document, for which a certain list of documents is required. It is not voluminous, but it still needs to be cooked.
In most cases, a special application is filled out, where the purpose of obtaining such a document is made. A copy of the identity card that handles the registration is provided. Also need a copy of the foreign passport, which will open the Ukrainian visa.
It is necessary to confirm the purpose with which the foreigner will be in Ukraine, for example, proof of enrollment, family relationship, business contracts and the like.
Cost and time of registration
The cost of those documents that pass through the Ministry or the Migration Service is established by the state. You have to pay a state fee. The price for a tourist is set by a specific travel agency.
The manufacturing time is from several days to two weeks.

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