Invitation for entry to Ukraine: steps of obtaining

18.01.2017, 14:01
Invitation for entry to Ukraine: steps of obtaining
Invitation to enter Ukraine - the main condition for obtaining a guaranteed representatives of foreign countries special authorization to cross the border every Ukrainian, simple words Ukrainian visa.
The main stages of design
The first stage of the invitation is to determine for what purpose will be a trip to Ukraine and what is the type of invitation is required for appropriate sanctions in the repeated crossing of the Ukrainian border.
Many types of invitations as is known to travel purposes too. Invitations for entry to Ukraine, as a rule, are the tourist, business, private, business, cultural, sports.
The next step is to determine the organization to which should apply for this document. There are two options. You can seek help from a professional intermediary organizations that are engaged in the preparation of documents for an invitation to the passage of the interview, and in some cases, and make out it without the participation of the applicant. This is quite convenient, you do not have to spend your free time on the waiting list in different state bodies, on delivery of documents and other processes. But it is necessary to pay for the services of such organizations.
If the applicant is not satisfied, then the invitation to travel to Ukraine can be arranged independently of the organizations that are entitled to issue the citizens of Ukraine and other countries such papers for submission to a visa.
In particular, a tourist invitation can be issued through the travel agencies that can book accommodations for foreign nationals in one of the hotel complexes in Ukraine. Other types of invitations are made in the Migration Service (its territorial offices), relevant Ukrainian ministries (Culture, Youth and Sports) as the place of residence.
The next step is to prepare a list of the required documents. In particular, the need to provide a copy of the alien's passport, a Ukrainian who is engaged in registration invitation request from individuals or legal, financial documents that attest to the ability of both sides to cover all expenses, documents the business, cultural cooperation, the proof of family ties, if it is provided and like.
The last stage - payment for the services of travel agencies or public entities. The cost of tourist services is determined by the agencies for the production of documents by the public authorities will have to pay the state fee.
Production time of invitations: Tourist - a few days, all the rest - two weeks.

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