What is needed for invitation of a foreigner in Ukraine: all the documents and where to get

21.12.2016, 14:12
What is needed for invitation of a foreigner in Ukraine: all the documents and where to get
What is needed for invitation of a foreigner in Ukraine - rather problematic issue, which is most likely to occur in the Ukrainian citizens that they plan to invite to the Ukrainian territory of foreign citizens.
Ukraine has signed several international agreements with other countries on the establishment of the visa regime, which means only one thing - many residents of foreign countries will need to apply to the Ukrainian diplomatic institution for obtaining visa stickers. To obtain authorization to enter it is necessary to provide a special type of invitations, a category which is set depending on the scheduled travel purposes.
If you wonder whether an invitation for entry to Ukraine, then the answer is clearly necessary - yes.
Invitation for sticking Ukrainian visa - a key document which contains all the information about the travel destination of foreign applicants, the terms of their stay in the country within the Ukrainian, the inviting party and the conditions of residence in Ukraine.
Where to issue the invitation
In order to determine the agency where to apply for registration of this paper, it is necessary first of all to know the purpose of travel to Ukraine.
The most popular targets and accordingly types of invitations are a tourist, private, business, business, to participate in activities of cultural, sports, religious and so on.
Almost all the invitations are issued only in Ukraine. Travel can be issued only in the country of residence of the foreign applicant. To do this, just need to go to the nearest travel agency that provides such services. The cost depends on the price of travel services and their number, production time, usually several days.
Other types of invitations can be issued by Ukrainian government agencies, such as the Migration Service (guest, business and operational), the territorial representation of various Ukrainian ministries (cultural, religious and sports). Cost is established by the legislation of Ukraine, the production time is usually two - three weeks.
To obtain such an invitation as a tourist need a minimum set of documents only a passport and a completed application form.
All the others, which are issued in state institutions require already voluminous documents - applications, passports civil applicant, proof of kinship (guest invitation), contracts for the Ukrainian company documents (working or business invitation), event schedules and festivals (cultural, sports, religious).

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