Invitation of a foreigner to Ukraine: basic steps and ways to successfully obtain

17.10.2017, 14:10
Invitation of a foreigner to Ukraine: basic steps and ways to successfully obtain

The invitation of an alien to Ukraine is the defining document on the basis of which all citizens of other countries can easily apply to visa authorities, which according to the current migration legislation are entitled to issue permission to cross borders, for obtaining any type of Ukrainian visa. This document is an important element of the entire visa process.

How the invitation looks and where to get it

First of all, you should know that the invitation to Ukraine should be in the original at the time of applying for a Ukrainian visa. Only in some cases, the Ukrainian Embassy can consent to the filing of an electronic copy or fax.
The invitation for making a visa has the form of an ordinary document, where a text on the purpose of traveling foreign visitors to the territory of Ukraine is printed on a sheet of A4 size.
The invitation can easily be divided into several types, which depend on this purpose. There are a lot of them, but the most popular, as practice shows, are working, for training, guest, business, and tourist.
Most of these documents are made without problems by various private-type visa institutions. They prepare the necessary documents, apply to various state bodies and help with the registration. After all, all invitations must go through the Migration Service, be registered there. You can, of course, independently apply to the local departments of this state institution or go to the relevant centers that are subordinate to the Ministries of Ukraine, but this takes a lot of time.

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