The invitation to Ukraine for foreign citizens

31.03.2016, 16:03
The invitation to Ukraine for foreign citizens

Correct registration of the invitation to Ukraine to foreigners greatly facilitates the entry into the territory of the country. Many consider coming visa unnecessary or futile exercise, not taking into account the fact that the presence of people in the country using a visa-free regime is limited to 90 days.

For the inhabitants of a number of the CIS and EU countries as well as persons without citizenship to visit Ukraine need visas. The basis for the visa invitation is a foreigner, which is issued by the migration service bodies. Inviting Paper entitled to be both physical and legal persons.

Explanations for this document

In order to enable non-resident was able to obtain the document, individuals should contact the place of residence to the relevant departments of the GMR and legal personages - for its location. There they submit an application, a model of which is approved and installed. MIA Order of clearly defined requirements and prescribed standards, you need to know, making out alien * * invitation to Ukraine. In order to avoid error text should not contain any abbreviations, as more capital is unacceptable writing in the papers.

The list of required papers, which will be considered Migration Service

To receive an invitation to Ukraine to foreigners, individuals are provided:

  1. The application or the petition.
  2. His passport.
  3. Legalized copy of the passport of a non-resident.
  4. When the host side are the residents who reside in the state, they present evidence to support residence permit.
  5. In that case, if the person inviting the parties temporarily reside in power, they present a document attesting the official employment or traineeship.
  6. Mandatory payment of the state fee.

To make a call to the inhabitants of other countries, a legal entity must submit:

  1. The application or the petition.
  2. Legalized copy of the passport of a non-resident.
  3. Passport of the head of the enterprise / company and its photo.
  4. Constituent certificates enterprise / company and the state registration certificate.
  5. The order appointing the person responsible for the call of foreigners, and his photo.
  6. Warranty on all the costs of the non-resident.

It is worth noting that it is wrong assembled and filled with a package of documents, often serves as a basis for denial of a visa. Preparing business invitation to Ukraine, going to the same documents, plus the added order of the head about the performance of duties on registration of securities to foreigners for visas and entry into the state. Properly prepared and filled with paper fed to the bodies of the State Migration Service, approved by the State paid the fee, and after 20 days you will pick up your visa ready.

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