Invitation to Ukraine - the main document for obtaining a visa

13.03.2019, 14:03
Invitation to Ukraine - the main document for obtaining a visa
An invitation to Ukraine, in accordance with the migration legislation of this European country, is not just a basic document, but obligatory for obtaining a particular category of visa. Simple words without him to issue permission to cross the Ukrainian border is simply impossible.
You can get it in several simple ways. You can cook everything yourself, go to the appropriate authorities, or you can just come to a private visa company like ours and save time and nerves. We will do everything quickly and reliably so that the applicant is guaranteed to receive the visa he needs.

Types of invitations

An invitation to travel to Ukraine always acts as evidence of the intentions of a foreign citizen regarding his trip to Ukrainian territory and shows his goals.
In simple words, there are foreigners who wish to study in Ukrainian educational institutions, so they need to ask for an invitation to study. Many residents of other countries have relatives, close people, or just acquaintances in Ukraine, therefore, often the purpose of the trip is the guests, in which case you need to issue a guest invitation.
It is by this principle that the category of invitation required is determined. To the above, it is worth adding these popular types:
1. Business.
2. Tourist.
3. Working.
4. Cultural.
5. Religious and the like.
The list goes on and on.

The process of issuing invitations

It’s very easy to get an invitation to enter Ukraine, the main thing is to take this matter seriously and prepare the necessary papers.
As a rule, among the things that are required, it is necessary to highlight documents about the financial condition of one of the parties, proof of kinship, papers certifying admission of a foreign student to study, and the like. Here, too, everything is individual.
The fastest way to make a tourist invitation, the process takes only a few days. After all, you only need a confirmation of booking accommodation from a tourist operator. As a rule, the process of registration of other invitations takes from a week to two. Everything also depends on the situation.
For receipt of such a document can be addressed to private notaries, to travel agencies, public authorities. But most often foreign applicants go to private visa companies, where they are assisted with the preparation of documents and the quick receipt of an invitation to apply for a visa at the Embassy. Such a company is ours. We will first consult you, assess the situation and help with the manufacture.

The cost of the invitation

An invitation for a foreigner to Ukraine is paid. The cost is determined individually depending on the complexity of the work.
Of course, the tourist invitation will cost the most. Not because it is done the fastest. Although time plays no small role. Just under the tourist invitation means the document, which indicates a list of tourist services that will be used by a foreign citizen. And, as a rule, they include accommodation (hotel, private apartments, hostel), excursion programs, tickets for a certain type of transport, and the like, and this all costs a lot of money.
If the state authorities of Ukraine are involved in the process of issuing invitations, then they pay the so-called state duty. Its cost is fixed and pre-determined by the Ukrainian migration legislation.
It is also worth remembering that in case of issuing an invitation through private companies, their services are additionally paid.
The payment process also depends on the company through which the registration takes place. Some people ask you to attach a receipt before issuing the invitation, and sometimes the payment is made after this document is issued.

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