Invitation to Ukraine for foreign citizens: the process of registration

17.03.2017, 10:03
Invitation to Ukraine for foreign citizens: the process of registration
An invitation to Ukraine for foreign citizens is a key document on the basis of which a representative of the Ukrainian Embassy makes an important decision on extradition / refusal to a foreign applicant in a visa for visits to Ukrainian territory.
It is possible to obtain this document quite simply, for this purpose it is necessary to make only a few steps.
Stages of this document
You can make an invitation to Ukraine in several specialized organizations that specialize in this area, that is, on visa issues. And they can do this as foreign applicants, who in turn plan to execute one of the types of the Ukrainian visa in the future, as well as the receiving party (physical / legal person) in Ukraine.
As a rule, the first step in the design of this important document is to determine the type of invitation. The category is extremely easy to learn, because the purpose of the trip is the key role here. If to say in simple words, what is the purpose of the visit to Ukraine, this type of invitation should be formalized. If a foreign citizen goes to the Ukrainian land for recreation at resorts, excursions in different cities of this state, then in this case it is necessary to open a tourist visa at a tourist invitation. If the trip is made to visit close people, then - a guest visa and the same type of invitation and the like.
The next stage should be considered preparing the necessary list of papers to get the right type of invitation. As a rule, the easiest way to do a tourist, because for this foreigner or Ukrainian side provides only a copy of the foreign passport document of the person who will travel with the purpose of tourism to Ukraine. All the rest provide for the collection of a larger package of documents:
1. A special application.
2. A copy of the passport of a foreign citizen that will be applied for a visa.
3. A copy of the passport of the Ukrainian side, which is engaged in the manufacture of this invitation.
4. Evidence of financial solvency of both sides to reimburse all expenses that to a certain extent will be related to this trip.
5. Additional documents depending on the category of the invitation, for example, current business contracts, proof of family relationship, etc.
When the package of documents on the hands, then it is worth contacting the profile firms that issue invitations. This is the next stage. Tourist can be obtained at the travel agency, all the rest - in the Ukrainian state bodies: the Migration Service, local offices of the Ministries of Ukraine.
The fourth stage is the payment for the services of these organizations. And the last thing is waiting for the result.

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