Invitation to Ukraine: types, definition and importance of obtaining

03.04.2018, 13:04
Invitation to Ukraine: types, definition and importance of obtaining

Invitation to Ukraine and the need for its registration - this important issue is often covered on the Internet pages of various visa companies, because without it you can get permission to cross the border, that is, a visa, simply unreal. Therefore, all foreigners and are looking for answers to the question - how and where you can draw a certain type of invitation.

What is an invitation?

An invitation of whatever kind it is - this is an ordinary paper document (in some cases, the preliminary consent of the representative of the diplomatic service of Ukraine can be an electronic document), where the text is printed. This paper contains important information about:
1. Intentions of foreigners.
2. The receiving party.
3. The answer to the question - who will cover the expenses and provide accommodation to the guests after their arrival in Ukraine.
4. The duration of the future trip to Ukraine.
That is, an invitation to Ukraine will allow an employee of the diplomatic body, who will sit over a particular case, to find out what and when a foreign citizen will do within the Ukrainian territory.

Where to issue these documents

First of all, to find out where to flee for making an invitation, it is necessary to understand its appearance. And then you can already start buying it, ordering it and so on.
Among the main types is the following: guest, tourist, business, business, culture and sports, and the like.
For example, the problem of issuing a tourist invitation will be decided by the travel agency. Guest type, working and business are made in migration services throughout Ukraine. Invitation to sports, culture can be obtained in local communities or directly taken from those organizations (cultural, sports), which will hold events.

Everything you need for an invitation

An invitation is not a visa, it does not require a large package of documents. Of course, everything is individual, but not difficult even for an ordinary applicant. But always and at any time you can turn to different visa firms, they will help, prompt.
In most cases, an application is submitted to the invitation, where it is necessary to receive and arrive in the future for foreigners, identity documents (and the one who submits the documents, and the foreign citizen), evidence of cooperation, family ties, and the like.

Prices, terms

Regarding the term of making invitations, it is necessary to count somewhere for three weeks. Perhaps, of course, it's faster to get such a document, it all depends on the amount of work.
The cost is calculated simply - the state duty plus the services of visa and service companies.

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