Phases registration of the invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine

25.07.2016, 11:07
Phases registration of the invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine
Basic provisions
Invitation to enter Ukraine plays a key role in the opening of a foreign citizen Ukrainian visa. It is this document is necessarily attached to the visa application, which is served at any available Ukrainian diplomatic mission (embassy, ​​consular offices, etc.).
Ukrainian visa, which opens on the basis of any invitations, is only a short-term and allow the foreign guests are within Ukrainian territory no more than three months in the first half.
Registration Peculiarities
Invitation to the trip to Ukraine can be of different types depending on the purpose of the trip. For example, available for tourist invitation / travel voucher, guest invitation / private, business / business, the invitation to participate in sports / cultural events, seminars, exchange of experience and the like.
The most common are private, business and tourist invitations. All invitations types (except tourism) prepares exclusively Ukrainian side through the Migration Service of Ukraine, so it rests on it the responsibility to collect documents and feeding them into the state structure.
The invitation may be a foreigner, that is served personally on the issue Ukrainian tourist visa at any travel agency, which collaborates with the Ukrainian tour operators and provides services of this nature.
The cost of invitations, which are made in the Ukrainian migration service is 57 UAH (payment of the state fee), an invitation to travel more expensive, the price is established tour operator in accordance with the amount of ordered services.
Making any kind of invitations migration structures takes 10 to 20 days, the travel voucher is made faster - from 2-3 days.
Documents for registration
The invitation to enter Ukraine requires the foreigner of the following documents:
1. Passport.
2. Contact information.
Ukrainian Foreign Minister in 2003 clearly set the rules under which
Ukrainian side can draw any type of invitation to the Migration Service:
1. Application.
2. The internal passport / residence permit a person who is engaged in registration invitation. In case of registration of business invitation - an order appointing that person to such office (responsible for the registration of invitations / all documents).
3. A copy of the passport of a foreign guest.
4. In the case of the guest's visit - possible evidence of family ties.
5. In the case of business invitation - constituent documents of the company / private entrepreneur contracts with foreigners.
6. Documents from the bank on the availability of funds.

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