Invitation to enter Ukraine: prices for services of registration, necessary papers

05.04.2018, 15:04
Invitation to enter Ukraine: prices for services of registration, necessary papers

An invitation to enter Ukraine is a mandatory document, which is the basis for obtaining any category of Ukrainian visa depending on its type. It can be obtained either in private companies or in the Migration Service, but in this case it is necessary to prepare all the papers independently and submit them there.

What types of invitations and stages of their registration

Any invitation can be of different types. This is due to the fact that there are different purposes of travel to Ukraine, various types of visas and all of them need to prepare various categories of invitations.
Among the most basic are considered business, for work, for study, for participants of cultural and sports programs, guest, tourist. There are others, everything depends on the intentions of foreign citizens.
The stages of registration of all invitations are similar. First of all, it is necessary to collect a package of documents (here it can vary depending on the type), to provide them with the body dealing with the necessary issues, to pay for the services of all the visa firms, which will have to encounter, and at the appointed time to come for its receipt.

What documents are served?

An invitation to Ukraine is the document on which you also need to prepare paper. Their list depends to a large extent on the type of invitation, but also the company through which everything is doing is also of no small importance. If, for example, it is worthwhile to provide only tourist passports to a traveler who will go to rest in Ukraine, and a questionnaire, then they are already being asked to bring the evidence of legal residence on the Ukrainian territory of the inviting party, proof of previous cooperation, communication to the worker or guest at the Migration Service both sides, documents as proof of the ability of one of the applicants (parties) to cover the expenses of guests from another country and the like.
That is, the more complex the type of invitation is needed, the more documents you have to cook.
But, if there is no time, you can always turn to private firms, where there is a corresponding tariff grid, that is, for an individual fee, almost all of the applicants make the managers.

Time waiting and prices

The waiting time for the invitation is also different. A tourist from the entire list is doing fast, it can take three to four days. Most of the documents that are submitted to state structures are processed longer, here it is already required up to three weeks.
The cost is calculated simply - in any case, the applicants must pay the state fee (only when they submit the document to some government agencies) and the services of private companies, the amount they set themselves, based on the volume and complexity of the work.

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