Invitation to enter Ukraine: steps to successful receipt

14.08.2017, 14:08
Invitation to enter Ukraine: steps to successful receipt

The invitation to enter Ukraine is one of the key documents in the list of all necessary for obtaining any type of Ukrainian visas. Ukraine and many countries of the world signed at one time international agreements on the establishment of a visa regime, which stipulates the following: citizens of these countries must first apply to the Ukrainian Embassy for a visa for their travel. But you can issue such permission on the basis of one of the types of invitations.

Types of invitations and where to draw them

Types of invitations are very easy to distinguish depending on the purpose of the planned trip. If this is tourism, then it is called an invitation - a tourist. If the trip is to a meeting with business partners, then it's business, on a visit - private, for work - working and so on. You can arrange them in several ways. You can make it easier for yourself and turn to private visa firms, which helps in solving this issue. But in this case, you need to rely on additional costs, because you have to pay for their services. You can do it yourself. Tourist invitations are issued in tourist firms, all the rest must pass through Ukrainian state bodies, in particular, the Ministry, the Migration Service. That is, you can also buy an invitation to Ukraine in these institutions.

What is necessary to obtain

Typically, all the structures that were listed above, before issuing invitations require a certain package of documents. The easiest way is to get a tourist invitation, because to do this you just need to fill out an application (questionnaire) and provide a copy of your passport. In state structures it is necessary to provide: 1. An application from a physical or even jur. Persons depending on the type of invitation. Identity card of persons who are engaged in registration of the above-mentioned document. Here we are talking about an internal passport. Evidence of monetary ability to cover any expenses of foreign guests during their stay on Ukrainian soil.4. Evidence of family relationship in case this is available. Evidence of previous business cooperation - if available. A copy of the foreign document of the foreign applicant. Additional documents at the request of customers.

Time of manufacture and price

The price of a tourist invitation is always set by a separate travel company. But the cost of all the others is regulated by the Ukrainian state. In most cases, all applicants pay the full amount of the state fee. The time for making the invitation is up to three weeks. But, as a rule, applicants get the desired documents in a week.

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