Invitation to enter Ukraine and its types

23.05.2018, 13:05
Invitation to enter Ukraine and its types

An invitation to enter Ukraine, its types and ways of efficiently issuing such a document, which in a short time should become the basis for obtaining a Ukrainian visa, are topical problems of the contemporary life of many foreign citizens. That's right, because the design of the Ukrainian visa and all the documents that are needed for this - visa issues that are gaining popularity because of the large number of willing foreigners to cross the Ukrainian border.

Types of invitations and forms of their receipt

Types of invitations for processing Ukrainian visas are formed in accordance with the objectives of the trip of foreign citizens. That is, if you have to go to visit, then make a guest invitation. If you need to travel to a business meeting, you need to arrange a business invitation. And if a foreign citizen wants to act as a tourist and go on vacation to Ukraine, then it is worth applying for a tourist invitation.
Regarding the forms of receipt, it is possible to rely on two - independently or with the participation of various private companies of a visa character.
In the first case, you can save money, but not time and effort. And it can not always be argued that a foreign citizen can collect a package of documents for a specific type of Ukrainian visa.

Required documents

An invitation to enter Ukraine depending on its type is drawn up on the basis of a certain package of documents. Of course, it can differ for each category, not without it. However, there is something in common, on which the whole process is based. In particular, the following securities are required:
1. An application with the justification of the need to receive one of the types of invitation.
2. Identity card of the person, which is engaged in this process of registration.
3. Passport data of a foreign citizen for correct inclusion in the text of any invitation.
4. Evidence of the purpose of arrival of foreign residents.

Term of issue and price

Most invitations are made about three weeks. This is the time it takes to process data and verify documents. This applies to those invitations that are formalized through migration authorities or even local ones in Ukraine. But here the tourist invitation can give out and in some days.
The price is formed in accordance with the following formula: state duty (does not apply to the tourist voucher) plus the services of private firms.

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