Invitation to travel to Ukraine: registration, preparation of documents and payment

21.12.2017, 11:12
Invitation to travel to Ukraine: registration, preparation of documents and payment

The invitation to travel to Ukraine and its stage-by-stage registration have recently become important, even topical problems of visa type. Indeed, recently the number of foreigners planning to go to Ukraine for a specific purpose has increased, opening a visa for this purpose in the Embassy. And you can get permission to cross the border only on the basis of such invitations, which are regarded as confirmation of the purpose of the trip.

Where to draw invitations

Invitation to Ukraine is given by specialized structures. First of all, the Migration Service of Ukraine, which acts as the main body, regulates and establishes the rules for the arrival of foreigners on Ukrainian territory, determines who should be allowed to lodge, enter, and so on. It is important: most invitations to Ukraine are made there, so the wet seal of this institution is a prerequisite for applying to the Embassy and quickly obtaining the necessary visa.
By the way, most invitations are issued in various visa-type intermediary companies that cooperate with state bodies of Ukraine and other institutions in order to provide a good client to a foreign client and quickly prepare an invitation for submission to the Embassy for a visa.

What you need for an invitation

It's quite easy to receive an invitation. The package of documents that are required by the profile bodies is not too bulky. For example, the tourist needs only a foreigner's passport to book tourist services for him. Invitation to Ukraine for the purpose of guests provides for submission to the relevant services of the application, proof of the purpose of travel of foreign guests, information about who will cover the material costs of housing, food. An invitation to participate in cultural events provides for the submission of a timetable for holding such events and the like.

Cost of registration

It should always be remembered that in the case of registration through intermediary firms, payment is also made for their services. Tariffs they establish themselves in accordance with the complexity of the visa business, the number of necessary services, documents and the like.
For the services of the Migration Service and other bodies are state institutions, applicants also need to pay a state fee.

Terms of processing and delivery of documents

The manufacturing term of the invitation depends on its type. If, for example, a tourist is a few days, then the production of a guest can take up to three weeks. Therefore, it is necessary to think in advance about the production of such documents, and a month before applying to the Embassy to apply for the design of the invitation itself.

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