Lviv - the symphony of the ancient city

26.03.2016, 12:03
Lviv - the symphony of the ancient city

This article describes an ancient Ukrainian city of Lviv. After reading this article, you'll learn about the hotels, cafes and restaurants of the city, on the existing public transport. The article also describes 5 main attractions of the city.

Lviv since ancient times was considered the cultural capital of Ukraine

Every tourist who visits this ancient city, feel its unique atmosphere. Having visited at least once in Lviv, Lviv residents talking to welcoming you definitely want to come back here, for this you will need an invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine.

History of Lviv a truly unusual and very exciting

This is an ancient Ukrainian city more than 750 years. In the past, he was one of the main commercial cities of medieval Europe. Lviv was a part of many countries, such as Germany, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Austria. Each country, he took a bit of experience, knowledge and traditions. Precisely because of this he is now considered one of the most interesting and attractive cities in Ukraine. Its special atmosphere and amazing architecture annually attract thousands of tourists from around the world.

Lviv Hotels

Experienced travelers know that before you go, you need to take care of the inn. Lions - a city in which you will be able to pick a hotel according to your budget. After all, in a city full of cheap hostels economy class and luxury deluxe hotels.

Housing prices start from 60 UAH. per night. And for 60 UAH. you can remove the bed in the 2 or 3-bed room usual Lviv hostel. This is a great option for those people who travel in pairs. And welcome home hostel gladly help bring your stuff to the room and it does not take from you a penny.

Restaurants and Cafes

The city has a dark restaurants, cozy small cafes, coffee shops, where you can eat delicious and satisfying. But one of the most famous restaurants in Lviv is the legendary "Kriїvka". This institution is legendary. It is a very unusual situation, a unique atmosphere and unsurpassed cuisine. This restaurant has no signage, but find it very easy. It is located in the basement of a residential building opposite the Town Hall. Be prepared for the fact that you will open the door guard. He will ask for a password, to which you must answer "Glory to Ukraine." A guard your password will be "Heroes of glory." Only then will you be allowed inside the premises. Inside you will find an excellent collection of a wide range of military equipment. In addition, you can enjoy amazingly delicious Ukrainian food, such as pudding, soup, gruel.

In addition to "Kriїvke" in the city is booming plenty of other restaurants, cafes and bars. This "Coffee on Bambetle", and cafes Jewish cuisine "golden Rozoyu" and extravagant Café "Masoch-cafe", and a café-museum "Gasova Lampe", and a cozy café "An old tram", which is located in an ordinary old car .

Public transport in Lviv

Public transport in Lviv is represented by old trams, trolley buses and shuttles. Each mode of transport your schedule. But they all work from 6.00 to 23.00. At any other time of day is best to take a taxi.

Prices for public transport in the city is lower than in other large cities of Ukraine. In addition, if you plan to frequently move around the city by tram or bus, it will be more profitable to buy a ticket. Buy a ticket can be in the kiosks, which are located near almost every tram or trolleybus stop.

Top 5 major attractions of Lviv

In Lviv, as in every other city in the world, has its own attractions. The main of them can be ranked as follows:

  1. Market Square. This is the most popular place in Lviv. The area is lined with stone blocks. Here you can see ancient sculptures and monuments. It is from this place starts most trips around town.
  2. Chocolate Workshop. Lviv since ancient times was famous for his ability to produce chocolate. That is why Lviv Chocolate Workshop is a huge success among travelers from around the world. Here you can not only see how the sweets are made of chocolate, but also to take part in this exciting process.
  3. Park High Castle. This is one of the oldest and most beautiful parks of Lviv. Here you can walk along the stone and serpentine climb to the observation deck. Here you have an opportunity to see the Lions from a bird's flight. And, if you believe the words of the indigenous inhabitants of Lviv, in the bright sunny weather even the Carpathian Mountains can be seen from the observation deck.
  4. St. George's Cathedral. It's kind of an architectural gem of Lviv. It is an ancient relic of Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church. It was built by Prince Leo still Danilovich. On the territory of the cathedral has a number of additional, equally beautiful buildings, such as the bell tower, Kapitulna home, skilled gates. Also here you can enjoy a luxurious garden of St. George.
  5. Dominican church, built in the Baroque style. It is a majestic Greco-Catholic cathedral, which often hosts concerts of organ music. In the dungeons of the cathedral you can see a valuable collection of sacred art exhibits.

Thus, having visited at least once in this amazing city, you will see that it is beautiful and unique. Be sure that you will love the Lions with all our heart.

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