How to make a guest invitation to Ukraine: dates, prices and necessary papers

19.03.2018, 14:03
How to make a guest invitation to Ukraine: dates, prices and necessary papers

How to make a guest invitation to Ukraine and the necessary documents, money, time are important problems that exactly arise in the way of every foreign citizen who plans to receive a Ukrainian visa of a private nature, that is, for traveling to visit.

In simpler terms, foreigners receive a guest invitation at the right time from the people they plan to visit. This is a simple paper that will serve as confirmation of the purpose of crossing the border.

Invitation to visit: determination of the deadline and justification of the need for extradition

A guest invitation to Ukraine is a real, paper confirmation of the intention of crossing and passing through the Ukrainian border. It has the appearance of a text document, the number of pages depends on who invites, because there the reasons for the arrival of foreigners and the desire of the Ukrainian side to invite these guests are justified.
Why do you need to get yourself an invitation?
This question has repeatedly occurred to foreigners, because it takes time to receive it, and everyone so wants to quickly get a visa and go into transport, go to Ukraine. This document is key, it is simply necessary. It is required by Ukrainian diplomatic services, where foreign citizens apply for permission to cross the border, that is, for a guest (and other) visa.
Based on it, you can get a visa sticker on your passport. That is, if it is not in the package of documents, as a result, the foreign applicant will simply receive a refusal, and the next visa application will be in question.

What you need to get this type of invitation

The guest invitation to register is very easy even for an ordinary citizen of Ukraine, it is not so difficult to cope with the task. You can, for example, turn to private institutions, they will do all the work for the applicant. But here it is worth noting the mandatory additional payment for the service.
You can prepare documents yourself, but it's worth taking this seriously. The main securities that are required are:
1. An application from a particular person, and this can be both physical and legal (that is, his representative).
2. Proof of the purpose of travel of foreigners and at the same time justification of the need to issue this paper.
3. Identity cards of both parties, both foreigner and Ukrainian.
4. Other papers or if necessary, or with the requirements of certain structures.

Where to issue invitations, processing time

Guest invitations are issued (except for private firms) in the migration services, that is, in their representations on the spot. The processing time of the data is different, on average this takes three weeks.


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