How to make a guest visa to Ukraine: everything necessary for this

21.09.2017, 17:09
How to make a guest visa to Ukraine: everything necessary for this

How to make a guest visa to Ukraine can be found by leafing through the websites of visa agencies that specialize in such matters. This problem is undoubtedly relevant among all foreign applicants, because every year thousands of foreigners cross the Ukrainian border to visit their relatives. And this shows only one thing - that the opening of a guest Ukrainian visa becomes relevant.

Stages of manufacturing a visa

The guest visa to Ukraine has the form of a special sticker in the passport, which can only be obtained from the Embassy of Ukraine or other diplomatic representations of this migration body, if this is provided by the legislation of Ukraine. As a rule, this structure is represented in all countries of the world, but sometimes it is necessary to apply to the neighboring one. This information should be specified on the spot. If making a visa becomes such a big problem, then you can easily turn to private visa agencies that are always ready to help, however, only for a fee.
The first step to obtaining a private visa is to collect the necessary papers. More details about the list can be read in the next block. All documents can also be prepared by themselves or through private visa firms.
The second step is to submit them to the Embassy or other diplomatic bodies. The third step is the payment of the visa fee in accordance with the category of visa and the period of issue.
And the last fourth step is getting the result.

Package of required documents

All papers that must be submitted to the Embassy are standard for many categories of visas. For the guest you need the following:
1. Application for a visa of a private nature, where all information about the upcoming trip is entered.
2. Photographs that not only have a size of 3x4, but also correspond to the appearance of the applicant on the day of filing.
3. Passport with free pages for sticking a visa.
4. Identity card (citizenship).
5. Documents that attest to the financial ability of a foreign visitor to cover expenses during a trip.
6. An invitation from the host country (guest), which is certified by the Migration Service of Ukraine.
7. If this is possible and available - proof of family relationship of both parties.

Term of issue and amount to be paid

All guest visas are paid at the bank located in the Embassy of Ukraine. They pay all but children up to six years. The cost depends on the category of visa (the cheapest - one-time, the most expensive - multiple).
In most cases, all visas are made fifteen days. This is considered a standard term. If you need to go urgently, then you can order an express for double payment.

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