Make a visa to Ukraine: all the necessary documents and the process itself

26.06.2017, 12:06
Make a visa to Ukraine: all the necessary documents and the process itself
You can make a visa to Ukraine in several steps by collecting a mandatory package of documents. In general, the Ukrainian visa is one of the mandatory conditions for a free and in turn legal crossing the border with this European state. After all, for most foreigners, entry to Ukraine is possible only if there is an appropriate sticker in the foreign passport.
Stages of registration
First of all, in order to divide the stages of registration of visa stickers for trips to Ukraine, it is necessary to determine the purpose of crossing the border. After all, this package depends on the package of documents, payment, due date and other important points. There are different types of Ukrainian visas: tourist, business, guest, etc.
After the purpose of the trip is known, it is worth collecting the necessary package of documents. You can do this both independently and use the help of various intermediary structures. After all, for many foreigners, the process of preparing securities seems to be prohibitive. Therefore, you can always contact third parties. Find all information on this issue, answers to questions about how to make a visa to Ukraine can be on the official website of profile organizations.
The next step in the design is the submission of all collected papers to the specialized structures, which are Embassies, consular departments and other diplomatic institutions, which, according to Ukrainian legislation, are entitled to issue sanctions for entry to foreigners.
After the submission, as a rule, the process of payment for services takes place. The service fee in the case of registration through various private institutions is paid before filing, and the consular fee after. To do this, the employee of the diplomatic establishment issues a receipt with the specified amount. The price may be different, because it all depends on the type of visa itself, or rather the number of possible entries on it. If the cheapest is a single entry visa, then the most expensive one is multi. They pay everything only in American dollars.
And the last step is to wait for the result, which, as practice shows, is known in ten to fifteen days, depending on the complexity of the situation with the applicant.
Package of documents
Depending on the type of visa and it is necessary to allocate the necessary paper for its receipt. As a rule, all visas differ only in the category of the invitation, all other documents are the same. To provide it is necessary:
1. Applicant's questionnaire, where all the data that relates to the future journey is correctly and reliably entered.
2. Photographs that necessarily correspond to the actual appearance of the applicant.
3. Passport, where the visa will be pasted.
4. Medical insurance.
5. Invitation of the appropriate sample and type depending on the visa category.
6. Other additional documents at the request of the applicant or depending on the visa situation.

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