How to make an invitation to a foreigner in Ukraine

30.08.2016, 10:08
How to make an invitation to a foreigner in Ukraine
Make the invitation of foreigners in Ukraine is possible both on the Ukrainian territory, and within a foreign country. This document is made based on a particular set of documents, whose composition depends on the type of the invitation.
Get such an act can be in specialized institutions (Ukrainian and foreign). Design invitations for foreign visitors in most cases engaged in the Ukrainian side, only one type can be issued on the spot - it's a travel invitation.
The process of registration
The process of obtaining such important documents begins with the definition of the main purpose of the trip to Ukraine. After all, this factor affects not only the appearance of the invitations, but also on the number of documents that must be prepared to supply.
The most common types of invitations for foreign applicants are guest, business, tourist, cultural. This list is very large, since the objectives themselves and travel to Ukraine as there are many.
After determining the type of invitation you need to find the appropriate profile structure, which is engaged in manufacturing of such documents.
For example, a travel invitation to foreigners can be done right in the city where they live. To do this, go to the nearest travel agency that provides travel services on Ukrainian territory.
Make the invitation and the Ukrainians themselves can in Ukraine. In particular, the resulting culture is invited to apply to the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, for the guest / business - in the territorial bodies of the Migration Service of Ukraine.
Key documents
Alien for tourist invitation need a minimum set of documents:
1. Questionnaire form with contact information.
2. Passport (current and accurate) for traveling abroad.
Ukrainian side for all other types of invitation you need to collect the following documents:
1. A completed pre-application specific, which indicates for what purpose are invited to foreigners.
2. Identity of the person filing for the registration of invitations.
3. If you want a guest to a foreigner who is a close relative, you will need to provide proof of kinship.
4. If you need a business invitation is from the company that invites, need the constituent documents and the order on the appointment of the responsible employees.
5. Bank documents that confirm the cash balance.
Term review and price
Price tourist invitation depends on the quantity ordered tourist services.
Making invitations from several days to a week.

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