Make an invitation to an alien to Ukraine: the main list of documents and the process itself

19.04.2017, 11:04
Make an invitation to an alien to Ukraine: the main list of documents and the process itself
You can make an invitation to an alien to Ukraine either independently, by first contacting various Ukrainian state bodies, or through various profile visa establishments, but at an additional cost. That is, the host country and foreigners that will go to the Ukrainian land should be guided both for their own needs and for financial opportunities to pay for the entire visa process.
Where to make an invitation
For assistance in preparing the package of documents, you can easily apply to different visa groups that specialize in such matters.
The manufacturing of an invitation to apply for tourist Ukrainian visas is carried out by various travel agencies. Here we are talking about both Ukrainian and foreign branches. The main condition for these tour operators to provide services for booking accommodation in the territory of Ukraine.
Other types of invitations go through a number of government agencies. Here it is already worth talking about the Migration Service (you can contact both at the place of residence and at the place of actual residence), territorial offices of various Ukrainian ministries and other profile groups.
Applications are accepted from individuals and legal entities.
Package of documents
It is necessary to show the following positions:
1. Completed application by hand in Ukrainian or other convenient for the applicant.
2. A copy of the passport of a foreign citizen, to which invitations will be issued.
3. Identity card, which wrote an application for this document.
4. Certain evidence of monetary ability to cover the expenses of guests from foreign countries who plan to open a visa and go for a specific purpose to Ukraine.
5. Other documents, the list of which depends on the category of invitation. For example, for guest trips it is useful to file proof of family ties, if any, for business - any business contracts that may have been previously signed between the two parties, and so on.
Term of issue and payment
You can make an invitation to Ukraine in just a few days. But it's more about the tourist. All other documents passing through a number of state Ukrainian bodies are issued in a few weeks.
To pay for issuing a tourist type of invitation, you must go directly to the travel agency, where these services are provided. The sum is set by the travel agency, and the cost itself depends on the volume of tourist services ordered by a foreigner.
For the manufacture of other types of payment carried out in local banks after receiving a check from an employee of government agencies. You must pay a state fee.

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