Make an invitation to an alien to Ukraine: manufacturing options, cost and terms

19.02.2018, 16:02
Make an invitation to an alien to Ukraine: manufacturing options, cost and terms

Make an invitation to an alien to Ukraine is a process that takes a certain period of time and requires careful preparation, including the collection of necessary papers. You can do it yourself, but you should calculate your free time. Also, you can contact the various private companies for help. But it's worth to carefully choose a visa company, the main thing is that there they provide consulting services for the design of invitations to Ukraine and this type of visas.

Invitation: definition of the term, importance

First of all, before determining the very term of this paper, it is worth learning about the importance of this document.
If in a few words, then without it, simply getting a visa will be impossible. This is the key document in the package of all the others that are required by the Embassy.
What is this invitation? This is a kind of paper document, where a lot of text is printed, and the information fully corresponds to the intentions of both foreigners planning a trip to Ukraine, and citizens of the Ukrainian state, who draw up this invitation and are invited to visit representatives of other countries.

Where to get invitations

There are several options to receive invitations. One of the most difficult is self-preparation and collection of documents. In this case, the applicant must apply to the state Ukrainian authorities, ask for the necessary list of documents to begin with and at certain times bring them there. It takes a lot of time and effort, especially if the visa business has certain difficulties.
To make an invitation to Ukraine it is possible and through private firms of visa type. But there is one pitfall - an additional payment for the services of these organizations. Although on the other hand - it is easier to lay out a certain amount of money, saving time and energy.

What is served on the invitation

An invitation is a document for which it is not necessary to provide something grandiose. In most cases, applicants fill out special applications, which justify the need to obtain it, make copies of their passport and foreigner, add proof of the financial ability of one of the parties to cover expenses.

Time of manufacture and price

A tourist invitation is one of the types of such documents that is produced most quickly, namely in a few days. On the design of all the rest goes a little more time - somewhere approximately two to three weeks.
If we talk about prices, then the invitation is not very expensive. It has already been noted that in the case of registration through private bodies, they are additionally paid for their services. In state structures pay a special fee.

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