Making an invitation to travel to Ukraine: main stages

06.12.2016, 15:12
Making an invitation to travel to Ukraine: main stages
Making an invitation to travel to Ukraine is very easy as you can in the native state of a foreign citizen, and at any point of Ukraine.
Tourist invitation - a special document that contains information about the number of tourism services and their descriptions, which are available to the customer a variety of tour groups. We are talking about housing in Ukraine reservations, tickets for one of the types of vehicle (reservations or purchase), various excursions, their cost, and the amount of stuff that provides travel contract between the tour operator and the customer.
This document is mandatory to obtain Ukrainian visa for tourism.
Where to issue an invitation to travel
Making this type of invitation to apply for Ukrainian visa can be in a particular travel agency, that can provide services for your place of residence in any Ukrainian region. This can be done in a foreign country, or even on the territory of Ukraine.
A foreigner, turning to the travel agent, signed a special travel agreement. It is made exclusively in the three species. This is to ensure that a contract filed in his safe travel agency, and the second - a foreigner during the entire trip on tourism on the territory of Ukraine, and the third - is given to feed the tourist authorization for entry into Ukraine.
The artwork of this document may be engaged in a meaningful and Ukrainian side.
Invitations tourism
Tourist invitation or simply a travel voucher in Ukraine is one of the simplest that can be issued to apply for Ukrainian visa, do not need the volume of documents.
The first thing you need to provide this completed form, where a foreigner makes all the contact / passport details, the date of the planned trip to the Ukrainian land and other important information.
Next you need to provide a foreign passport document, make a copy of which is necessary for the proper booking, hostel or private apartments.
The cost and production time
Price tourist invitation to Ukraine depends on the number of services of the tourist agency, which plans to order a foreigner. Their number does not affect the production of a visa. Therefore, guided by a foreigner as its financial capacity.
Making such a document to apply for Ukrainian visa does not take a lot of time. Time depends on the speed of your booking confirmation of specific services in the sphere of tourism, which will order a foreigner. As practice shows, it can take an average of three to seven days.

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