Registration of a visitor's visa to Ukraine: main stages

11.09.2016, 17:09
Registration of a visitor's visa to Ukraine: main stages
Registration of a visitor's visa to Ukraine - a lengthy process that includes preparing a package of documents, which is clearly defined by the Ukrainian legislation, feed them into the appropriate diplomatic authorities. Visit visa can be obtained only in the consular structures are represented in almost all countries of the world.
Guest Ukrainian visa is a unique label in the passport of a citizen of a foreign country, thanks to which the owner gets the legal right to cross the Ukrainian border by any mode of transport, and be within the Ukrainian regions the number of days that is indicated on the document.
Also do not forget that such a permit is issued for a strictly limited period, more than that is not worth it, because these visas can be called into question in the Ukraine, and in the identification of such breach foreigners shines even deportation.
Required documents
How to issue a visitor visa to Ukraine?, and make it very simple. It is only necessary to collect the necessary documents and bring them to the Visa Section of the Embassy of Ukraine in the country of residence.
The package of documents is not very large, it consists of:
1. Special visa application form, which is filled with foreigners in English, Russian or Ukrainian language, if you have such. It notes the information on the dates of your stay, the host side, marked with identifying information.
2. Medical insurance policy, where the coverage - the territory of the Ukrainian state.
3. The photo cards which are made several weeks before the date of filing.
4. Copies of passports and original. Sometimes the visa offices are asked to bring an English translation of the first page of the foreign passport of the document.
5. Bank documents that attest to the presence of a certain amount of money (in US dollars) from a foreign applicant. This is a very positive influence on the decision.
6. Proof of family ties with the host country.
7. The guest invitation that is sent to the Ukrainian side, the validity of which is not more than six months from the date of issue. This document is the key from him and depend on issuing a visa. Registration of the invitation has been the host country, which is pre-drawn to the territorial bodies of the Migration Service of Ukraine.
Prices and terms of manufacturing
Registration of a visitor's visa to Ukraine and also provides payment services of the diplomatic service, accessed by a foreigner. Billing directly depends on the type of visitor's visa - single entry, two or even multi. For example, for multiple payment of 200 US dollars for a double - $ 150, with one entry - 140 dollars.
manufacturing visa term - from 7 working days.
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