Making Visa to Ukraine for foreigners: features and stages

04.01.2017, 11:01
Making Visa to Ukraine for foreigners: features and stages
Visa to Ukraine for foreigners - not very long process, which consists of several stages: preparation and gathering all the necessary documents depending on the purpose of travel on Ukrainian territory, passing the interview and delivery of these important papers to the regional offices of the Embassy of Ukraine or other departments of the diplomatic institutions involved in the manufacture of visa stickers for foreign nationals.
Execution of documents and the foreigner can not do personally, and seek the help of mediators - the official visa to firms that specialize in such services.
The main stages of design
If there was a question how to get visa to Ukraine, you should refer to the relevant organizations for assistance or obtain the necessary information.
Registration of visa stickers to travel to the territory of the Ukrainian state begins with the definition of the purpose, because foreigners can go to Ukraine with different goals, plans and the like.
Most often open Ukrainian visa tourist, guest, business, work, for learning.
When the purpose of the trip is defined, then it is necessary to collect the necessary documents, which also defined according to the selected target. The main documents that are required in the Ukrainian Embassy are:
1. Visa application installed sample data which are filled with neat and legible handwriting.
2. The photos that meet passport format.
3. Medical insurance against accidents, but with a coverage area includes all the territory of Ukraine.
4. The passport for travel to Ukraine with free pages for a particular Ukrainian visa.
5. If possible, - a certificate of availability of funds to cover their own expenses for the days trip to Ukraine.
6. An official invitation from the Ukrainian side, or a travel voucher. Tourist invitation alien himself can do in the host country, and all other types - are sent to the territory of Ukraine and are made exactly the party that invites (but they must certify in the relevant state bodies of the Ukrainian state - the Migration Service offices or the relevant ministries).
The next stage is the submission of documents to the local consular offices, which are subordinated to the Embassy of Ukraine.
After the applicant each foreign consulate employees give special checks to pay for visa services in accordance with the visa categories - one-time (very cheap), two-time, multi.
Manufacturing visa at the Embassy of Ukraine held about two weeks (there is a possibility to order the issuance of Express - 10 days), after which the foreign applicant comes for the results obtained.

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