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The issue of visas at the offices of Ministry of Foreign in Ukraine

Visas Foreign Missions in Ukraine, such as "C" in the Odessa sea trading port and airport "Odessa" is carried out:

1) According to the Law of Ukraine "On Tourism" - for Barbados citizens, Antigua, Barbuda, the Republic of El Salvador, the United Arab Emirates, the Republic of Mauritius, the Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Seychelles for the purpose of tourism upon presentation of documents confirming the declared nature of the trip.

2) Also on the issue of visas to Ukraine at the airport "Odessa" and Odessa Port can expect stateless persons and foreigners who previously have not issued a visa at a consular post or diplomatic mission of Ukraine, if they have an urgent reason for entry. In particular, they may enter:

  1. In order to eliminate the consequences of emergencies that have occurred on the territory of Ukraine, if there is a request of the State Service for Emergency Situations
  2. With official or diplomatic purpose, if there is a request from the public services or agencies of Ukraine;
  3. For the purpose of a medical emergency or to take part in the funeral procession of a close relative, if any supporting documents;
  4. For the crews of foreign ships that are in Ukrainian ports, visas to Ukraine in the Odessa commercial sea port or airport "Odessa" is carried out, if there is an extract from the ship's role. In this case, it issued a transit visa type "B";
  5. To establish or interactions in the field of sport and culture in order to ensure the interests of peace in the areas of foreign policy or other vital spheres of society, and to address humanitarian issues at the request of state bodies of Ukraine.

In the event of a negative decision on registration of visas to Ukraine in the Odessa commercial sea port or airport "Odessa" is a written notice to the grounds of refusal.