Price business visa to Ukraine: establishment of tariffs and payment

20.02.2017, 12:02
Price business visa to Ukraine: establishment of tariffs and payment
Price business visa to Ukraine - the most interesting question, and at the same time important, because it concerns the whole visa process for registration of various stickers for visa free crossing the Ukrainian border by representatives of foreign countries.
The cost of visa sanctions established migration legislation of Ukraine in accordance with the category of this resolution.
The establishment of tariffs and prices
Charging of the visa fee shall be established in accordance with Ukrainian immigration law and can not be changed. If any foreign applicant refers to various intermediary firms on registration documents for visa or visa to solve other problems, pay extra and services of these organizations. Prices are set individually, taking into account all the peculiarities of the case.
Business visa to Ukraine is divided into several groups (this factor is taken into account in determining the value):
1. The most expensive Ukrainian visa, even though the purpose of the trip is repeated. It is more expensive because it has a huge advantage - allows foreigners often cross the Ukrainian border.
2. The average price of double entry visa.
3. A visa is very cheap - disposable. But as we know, she has a huge minus - gives the right only once to cross the Ukrainian border. Then it will be necessary again to apply for the opening of the Ukrainian visa.
By the way, if the applicant for some reason gets unfortunately refused, then no amount of money that was spent by him, will not be returned.
For Ukrainian visa do not pay the kids up to 6 years, diplomats, military personnel, who go on a business trip, the foreign Ukrainians, with appropriate identification, members of refugee families living in Ukraine and others.
Carrying out payment
Payment for the services of the diplomatic institutions that issue these foreigners they need Ukrainian visa, held on the spot at the box office of a local bank immediately after the submission of all the documents collected. To do this, the foreign worker applicants consular section issues a receipt to the specified amount. Pay should be the same in US dollars, if such money is not present, then the currency can be exchanged at the site.

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