Price business visa to Ukraine: prices and categories

06.10.2016, 11:10
Price business visa to Ukraine: prices and categories
Main provisions
Price business visa to Ukraine - the actual question that often reflect all foreign applicants that are planning to come to the Ukrainian territory for the purpose of business activity - participation in negotiations with Ukrainian companies, the signing of contracts or the conditions of existing contracts, participation in seminars, attraction of investments and other cash.
Payment for visas is an important factor in obtaining Ukrainian visa of any category, because the consular services of the structures have to be paid. Without payment receipt of this authorization is not possible, the documents will simply not be taken into consideration.
Factors affecting the price of the visa business
Business visa to Ukraine is of several types according to the number of possible entries in it. This factor is the main, which affects the cost of that sanction. Thus, the Ukrainian business visa is of three main types:
1. One-time, which will allow to cross the border with Ukraine only once, and then have to again apply for registration of this authorization. But this visa is cheap.
2. Next on the price category is double-entry visa, it is already twice as expensive than the previous one, but in this case can be doubled to arrive on Ukrainian territory.
3. The most expensive is a visa with the possibility of multiple trips, it is almost three times more expensive than the first category, but gives a lot of benefits - the aliens have the ability to an unlimited number of times to cross the Ukrainian border. But it is worth remembering that this sanction with multi entrances gives the opportunity to be in Ukraine not more than 90 days in one of the half-year. Exceeding this limit may result in deportation and subsequent denials of any type of Ukrainian visa.
In case of refusal to issue a business visa the money that has been spent by foreigners on the design will not be returned.
Payment for visa
All foreigners pay the visa fee for any category of Ukrainian visas, including for business visas to Ukraine. As a rule, with the exception of minors, but in this case they can not go to business, only to accompany the already adults, but rather legal guardian.
Payment of visa fees is made either prior to the filing of documents (receipt simply attach to the basic package of documents), or after the (foreign applicants simply give out a special check on which he pays in cash). The procedure depends on the consular district and the particular diplomatic mission.
Disburse for a visa can be only in the US currency, the local currency is not accepted. Most consular institutions have exchange offices, where a foreigner can buy a dollar.
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