Price business visa to Ukraine: proper billing and payment

23.10.2017, 15:10
Price business visa to Ukraine: proper billing and payment

The price of a business visa to Ukraine and the payment process are no doubt considered to be two important problems of the visa process for issuing a border crossing authorization with a business purpose rather than with others. After all, without carrying out payment for the services of a diplomatic firm, it is simply impossible to obtain a visa, the Ukrainian consul will not take the case to the simple consideration.

How the price of a business visa is formed

Business visa to Ukraine is issued at the Embassy. The cost of the services of this diplomatic institution is formed and regulated by the Ukrainian migration legislation and, if necessary, international treaties. It is also worth taking into account the fact that many foreigners apply in addition to private visa institutions for help in preparing documents for a visa, preparing for an interview, and so on. Therefore, payment should be made for their services. The prices here are regulated by their internal tariffs, everything is determined individually according to the complexity of the case.

What affects the price

The amount of payment for a business visa is primarily affected by the type of entry permit, or rather the number of possible trips. For example, the lowest amount will have to pay for a visa with the possibility of one crossing the border. This is logical, because foreign applicants will only be able to use it once. A little more expensive will cost a visa with a double entry. But the greatest amount will have to lay out those foreigners who plan to travel to Ukraine often and open a visa multiple.
The amount of time is also affected by the term. If a foreigner does not hurry anywhere and is ready to wait fifteen days (this is the standard time for consideration), he pays for the visa the amount according to its category, as discussed above. If you need to go immediately, maybe some business contracts are burning, then you can speed up the payment for a double payment and it is possible to issue it in a week.

How to pay

Without a doubt, not only the price itself is of interest to foreign applicants, but also the payment process. It is important to know that both prices and payment are all determined in US dollars. This currency is accepted by the bank. Therefore, before submitting an application, you should take care of their availability. Pay almost everything on checks, which are issued by representatives of the Embassy after the selection of documents, unless otherwise provided, of course, by the internal rules of the diplomatic establishment.
It is worth remembering that if you contact private institutions, you also need to pay for their services. How this exercise will be told directly before they are provided to each individually. Everything also depends on the rules of internal regulations of these structures.

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