Price guest invitations to Ukraine: the main charging

17.10.2016, 16:10
Price guest invitations to Ukraine: the main charging
Price guest invitations to Ukraine established by the legislation of the country with regard to visa and migration issues. Making such a document is carried out on the territory of Ukraine the host country only in local Migration Service on the basis of a certain set of documents.
The guest invitation for visa
Guest invitation to Ukraine visa - a document of informational character, which contains the contact data of the foreign guest, he plans to come to Ukraine, and all of the receiving side (Ukrainian citizens or residents).
On the basis of the original document and put the document to a foreign passport visa for crossing the Ukrainian border and stay just a certain number of days consular officials in Ukraine. But staying in Ukraine on a visa, foreigners are more than ninety days in every six months.
Making a guest invitation
Make a guest invitation only on the territory of Ukraine and only on the basis of a certain set of documents. This all must deal with the Ukrainian side, but rather individuals who have reached the age of majority has. And to make the invitation Only the Migration Service at the place of actual residence.
The main documents that should be provided, belongs to a special statement, passport data of the foreign guest, Ukrainian passport, documents - proof of sufficient funds to cover their own costs, or expenses of a foreign guest, proof of family relationship, if any, in fact go to the guests can not only relatives and friends and acquaintances. It is necessary to know if a foreigner does not invite the citizens of Ukraine, but simply residents that live there legally, you need to provide and documents that attest to his time on Ukrainian soil.
The issuance of the necessary document in the hands occurs within three weeks. It is also possible, and urgent consideration of the case - a guest design invitations for ten days, but you need to provide and written confirmation of this fact.

Cost of registration
If there is a standard period of consideration to issue an invitation to make the guest, while Ukrainian citizens pay a state fee in full. If it has been ordered urgent issue, then the sum is doubled.
In case of refusal to issue a guest invitation for foreign visitors the amount that was paid to the migration service, will not return to an individual, which is engaged in registration of the document.
For services to the migration patterns pay absolutely all the applicants to pay under the law no one is exempt.

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