Price tourist visa to Ukraine: how to pay and the sum

27.02.2017, 12:02
Price tourist visa to Ukraine: how to pay and the sum
Price tourist visa to Ukraine - an important aspect of the whole visa process for registration of the permission to enter within the Ukrainian state. The cost is set at the level of the Ukrainian laws and change can not be.

Tariff setting
Migration legislation of Ukraine, which was modified several years ago, clearly defined tariffs for different types of Ukrainian visas. It is safe to say that the cost impact of several factors: the category, type of structure to help in the design, manufacture date.
Tourist visas are divided arbitrarily into three main categories:
1. Tourist visa sanctions only for one trip to Ukraine. It should be regarded as the cheapest, because it has one drawback - be allowed to cross the border only once.
2. Visa permission to cross the Ukrainian border twice. This visa is one and a half times more expensive than the one that it was in the preceding paragraph.
3. Resolution on a multi entry for the purpose of tourism is the most expensive, because there is an advantage - to use a tourist visa can be repeatedly, often crossing the border. But in this case, you should remember one rule, such Ukrainian visa allow to cross the border many times, but in general the number of days shall not exceed ninety in the first half. The cost of it is more than two times higher than the one-time authorization.
Another factor that affects the cost of a tourist visa to Ukraine, it is time for consideration of the case. All prices that have been mentioned above, act only if a standard term of consideration of visa affairs, which, in practice, takes fifteen calendar days. If a foreigner is necessary to express in three to five days, the price is twice as much.
Visa fees are paid absolutely everything. There is certainly a category of applicants, which, in accordance with international agreements on the establishment of the visa regime with Ukraine are exempt from paying the visa fee for issuing a tourist visa. This should include children up to six years, diplomats, foreign Ukrainians.
It is worth remembering that none of the fee will not be refunded to foreign applicants in case of refusal by them.
Carrying out payment
Pay the visa fee at the box office of a local bank. Pay is only in US dollars, foreign currency cashiers do not accept. To pay for all foreign applicants to a special check, and where specified amount will be provided, installed in accordance with all the factors that have been listed above.
Pay for the services of intermediary firms, which tend to seek help from foreign citizens, not immediately after receiving them.

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