Private invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine: peculiarities of obtaining

14.01.2017, 15:01
Private invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine: peculiarities of obtaining
Private invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine - the main condition for obtaining implicit guest Ukrainian visa in one of the Ukrainian representative of the Embassy. This important paper can be produced on the territory of Ukraine, because it must necessarily assure the migration service.
The process of obtaining a private invitation is not complicated and does not require much time nor energy nor money. To do this, just need to collect the necessary documents and bring it to the immigration authorities at the place of residence. Doing this can only be natural persons.
The process of obtaining a private invitation
Invitation for a variety of private trips to the territory of the Ukrainian state - this is a special kind of diplomatic documents on paper, which entered all the information, which in some way for the future of the guest travel of foreign citizens in Ukraine, namely: dates, who to go where they will live at whose expense will be covered costs during such travel, time of manufacture of this document and there should be a signature of the inviting party, seal the Migration service of Ukraine.
It is important to know that the individuals to get an individual invitation to Ukraine can apply not only in their place of residence, but also at their place of actual residence. This greatly facilitates the procedure because Ukrainian citizens do not need to go very far to get this document can be issued in the territorial area, where he lived at the time of filing.
To receive an invitation need binding documents that require migration legislation of Ukraine.
Migration Service facilities definitely need to pre-pay, and attach a receipt to the case.
By the way, foreigners Ukrainians can apply for assistance in the preparation of the list of documents for submission and even the receipt of the invitation to the intermediary institutions that specialize in such matters. Therefore also need to consider the fact that you have to pay for the services of visa agencies. Tariffs set these organizations themselves.
Making a guest invitation lasts, as a rule, more than two weeks. But one can imagine to order an urgent issue, which only takes about ten days. The surcharge may be such a case, to issue a private invitation to Ukraine.
Documents for invitations to guest
The package of documents is not very voluminous. You just need to submit a completed application form, a copy of the passport of the person who is engaged in registration, a copy of the passport of the foreign applicant, proof of kinship and a financial guarantee to cover the costs of foreigners.

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