Private invitation to Ukraine and options for its quick receipt

19.04.2018, 14:04
Private invitation to Ukraine and options for its quick receipt

A private invitation to Ukraine and the need for its registration is described in sufficient detail on any Internet portals of visa companies that specialize specifically in the production of visa sanctions for travel to Ukrainian territory, and not to other countries.

What is an invitation and where can I get it?

The majority of foreign applicants who are just beginning to prepare for a trip to Ukraine are faced with the problem of finding firms where an invitation can be received. Many even have a question: do you need to buy these documents?
All Ukrainian visas, including private ones for visits to specific individuals, are issued at the Embassy of Ukraine after the presentation of the so-called invitation. This is an ordinary paper document (in some cases it is permitted on an electronic medium), where the purpose of the trip is indicated, the host country, where and how much the foreigner will live and all other information concerning the private visit of guests from other countries.
You can issue a private invitation to Ukraine in one of two ways:
1. Independently preparing documents in the Migration Service.
2. In private visa firms.
In both cases, the applicant (in this case, an individual with Ukrainian citizenship or even a residence permit in Ukraine) successfully receives an invitation, the question is only in the amount of time, effort and money spent.

Required documents

Of course, the applicants are not given an invitation for nothing, and for this, a well-defined package of documents should be prepared. It is not very complicated, accessible to all, but you just need to devote time to its preparation.
In particular, the migration authorities should provide:
1. An application with a description of the need to receive a private invitation.
2. Identity card.
3. Passport data of the foreign guest, to whom this document will be issued.
4. If there is a family relationship with a foreigner, then proof of this fact.

The cost of the invitation and the period of its registration

Calculate the exact cost of the invitation is quite difficult. All this is explained by the fact that when applying for help to a private firm, no one knows how much time and effort it takes to prepare papers. Tariffs such firms establish themselves, payment passes on a place.
It is also worth taking into account the fact that the applicants also pay a state fee. Its size is regulated by certain legislative acts and can not be changed.
Regarding the term of registration, it is worthwhile to focus on three weeks. So much time is being dealt with in the Migration Service.

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