Private visa to Ukraine for foreigners: everything you need for quick receipt

16.01.2018, 14:01
Private visa to Ukraine for foreigners: everything you need for quick receipt

A private visa to Ukraine for foreigners is an important element of legal border crossing with a given European country. Without its presence, a foreign citizen is not entitled to enter Ukrainian territory, unless otherwise provided by the rules of international migration legislation.

What you need to obtain such a visa

A private visa to Ukraine and, in turn, the opportunity to freely cross the Ukrainian border is granted to a foreign citizen for a reason. As a rule, the diplomatic authorities that, according to Ukrainian law, were given the right to put visas, provide the necessary papers, which first of all will prove the purpose of the trip.
If you disassemble in more detail, you are asked to present the following:
1. A questionnaire filled in clearly and competently with the applicant for this category of visa, where all the data correspond to reality.
2. Photographs that were made recently (valid for a total of six months) and meet the applicant's appearance at the time of filing and the trip itself. It is required that the border guard service has no questions to foreign guests.
3. Foreign passport, where there are at least two free pages without stamps and other designations. It must also be valid and end six months after returning home (the end of a Ukrainian visa of a private nature).
4. Certificate of citizenship.
5. Guest invitation. This document is produced through the Migration Service on the territory of Ukraine. Send it to citizens of Ukraine, to which the foreigner plans to travel.
6. Other papers on request or at the request of a particular consul. This, for example, can be a proof of family ties, if any.

Prices, processing time and methods of obtaining

First of all, it should be said that all foreign applicants have the opportunity to personally apply to the embassy of Ukraine or simply apply to private firms that provide similar services. But in either case you have to pay.
First, all applicants pay for the services of diplomatic services. This is one of the requirements for obtaining a Ukrainian visa, not only a private type, but also all. Prices are governed by Ukrainian migration legislation. The amount depends primarily on the period of manufacture. Also important is the category of the visa itself. For example, a one-time visa is the cheapest, then the price ladder is already two-fold, and the most expensive for foreign applicants is multi.
Regarding the processing time, the standard is about two weeks, then the amount is paid depending on the type. If you need to get faster, then the amount is doubled.
Secondly, they pay for the services of private companies. Prices they set themselves.

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