Private visa to Ukraine at the invitation of: the process of obtaining

01.12.2016, 11:12
Private visa to Ukraine at the invitation of: the process of obtaining
Private visa to Ukraine at the invitation - a special type of Ukrainian visa, which entitles the legal border crossing exclusively for such purpose as visiting loved ones, living in all regions of Ukraine.
This authorization shall be issued only in the Ukrainian consular offices that specialize in issuance of visa permits for foreign residents. Registration takes place on the basis of compulsory set of documents, which in turn will be approved at the level of state bodies of Ukraine.
The package of documents
Private visa to Ukraine issued to foreign nationals on the basis of the following set of documents:
1. Special profiles for a particular type of Ukrainian visa. The data in this profile are made in several languages, permissible - English, Ukrainian and Russian.
2 photo cards that match the size of the passport.
3. Overseas Passport document. It is important to know if the first page of the passport is not in English, then it requires an official translation of the information that it contains.
4. certificates of citizenship and belonging to a particular state.
5. A key document to obtain a visitor's visa - a special invitation that is sent to the applicants of a foreign country to supply to Ukraine. Making such a document Ukrainians can through the Migration Service and other specialized structures providing such services, as well as on the basis of compulsory set of documents, and after the payment of the services of these organizations.
6. Proof of financial solvency to cover its own costs for all the days of foreign travel to visit loved ones in Ukraine.
7. Proof of family ties, if the trip is happening to their relatives, but only the first line. This factor can have a positive influence on the decision whether to authorize the consul to enter Ukraine.
The process of filing and payment
Submission of documents to the guest permission occurs only in person at the diplomatic bodies, which are presented at the place of residence of a foreign citizen.
Payment is made immediately prior to the filing or, depending on the consular district. Visa fee is determined, as a rule, depending on the category. In particular, private visa to Ukraine for foreigners can be single, double and multi. The most expensive is a multiple-entry visa, and the cheapest in the line and that the sanction, which will allow once to cross the Ukrainian border.
Payment is made exclusively in cash and in US dollars. It is important to know that the money that was paid for the examination of visa affairs, in case of failure to foreign applicants never returned.

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