Features of registration business invitation to Ukraine

23.04.2016, 16:04
Features of registration business invitation to Ukraine

Business invitation to Ukraine - is the main document, issued by Ukrainian business (business) visa on the basis of which the Ukrainian diplomatic service of a foreign citizen. The main purpose of this trip is to establish business contacts with Ukrainian companies, investment projects, participation in business negotiations, seminars. This type of invitation does not grant the right to employment or training is intended solely for supplying business visa.
Business invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine issued by the State Migration Service, after considering the particular set of documents. Certification and registration of the invitation on the letterhead of any Ukrainian company does not give him such power and does not become the basis for the issuance of Ukrainian business visa.

The procedure for obtaining a business invitation

The procedure for obtaining the invitation:

1. The process of getting started with the collection of the required documents.
2. After collecting the documents should apply to the local branch structures Migration Service of Ukraine.
3. Next is the submission of documents and special application. Application for registration of business * invitations * served personally by the representative of the Ukrainian firm or a private entrepreneur, who plans to invite Ukraine to foreign business partner.
4. The last step - getting this type of invitation for the supply to the Ukrainian business visa.
The invitation of this kind are issued, usually with specified dates of entry and exit.

Key documents for registration of business invitation

For registration of a business invitation to the territorial authority or the structure of the Migration Service is necessary to provide:

1. A statement from an individual who is the head of a business or organization in Ukraine, or the authorized person for this type of invitation is for a foreign citizen.
2. Passport document (after the filing of returns) certifying the citizenship of Ukraine, or residence on Ukrainian territory and copies of absolutely all the data pages.
3. Copies of all the constituent documents, namely:
- Extract from the Unified State Register of Ukrainian legal or physical persons;
- Certificate of registration and taxation;
- Charter of the company s wet seal.
4. Bank reference, recent tax returns on the state of the current account. The amount should fully cover all financial expenses of an alien during his residence in Ukraine. Confirmation letter from the same enterprise taking on the financing of the foreign citizen.

Validity Business Invitations

Validity of the invitation to business in Ukraine, usually stated in the text of the confirmation and is subject to the host country. If such information is not available, then you should count 6 months from the date of registration of the invitation to the Migration Service. That is, a foreigner can apply for a Ukrainian visa no later than six months after receiving an invitation from the Ukrainian citizen.

Terms of the Invitation Business

Registration of business invitation to Ukraine takes no more than 20 days in the standard examination and no more than 10 - in case of early.

The cost of a business invitation

According to Ukrainian law, registration of business invitation is:

- Services Migration Service structures - 56.52 UAH.
- The payment of the state fee in the amount of 0.3 of all taxable minimums of incomes of Ukrainian citizens.
- For early registration Business invitation to Ukraine - double the payment of the state fee.

From payment for such service shall be exempt:

- Citizens of Ukraine 1 and 2 categories, affected by the Chernobyl nuclear power plant;
- Disabled or 1 or 2 groups;
- WWII veterans and families of those killed during the military events.

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