The invitation to Ukraine: registration process

12.09.2016, 14:09
The invitation to Ukraine: registration process
The invitation to Ukraine - a very important document on the basis of which offer Ukrainian visa for foreign citizens for tourism purposes. Making such a document is very simple, and it can make yourself a foreigner residing in the country or even on the territory of Ukraine.
It is worth remembering that this document is necessarily necessary to apply for a visa, without Ukrainian Embassy will not take a positive decision.
Registration procedure
Species tourism very much. Foreigners in Ukraine is waiting for the green, spa, health, rural, cultural and other kinds of tourism. However, for all this, you must first apply for the visa for tourism purposes in the Ukrainian Embassy, ​​based on tourist invitation.
The invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine - a unique tourist voucher, which contains booking residence on Ukrainian territory information (this may be a hotel, hostel, apartment, house), the purchase of tickets for any of the modes of transport that are available along the route, the additional services, tours and other tourist services provided by the tour operator or another.
Check out the tourist voucher can be in travel agencies or in Ukraine (in the case where the alien is preparing a package of documents for tourist visa to Ukrainian during their stay on Ukrainian territory), or in the country of residence of the foreign applicant, if it shows the corresponding tourist organizations.
Turning a travel agency, a foreigner together with the agent draws up a so-called tourist contract in which we are talking about all the services, rates, and provides other valuable information. The contract is concluded in three copies - one kept at the agency, and the second keeps the foreigner during the whole trip on the Ukrainian land, and the third is necessary to file for a tourist visa.
Documents for registration
Tourist invitation or a voucher to get very simple. This process does not require a lot of effort and a lot of documents.
Making an invitation to travel to Ukraine in the travel agency can be based on the following documents: passport, the first page of which is translated into English, by any chance the information available in the native language for a foreigner, special profiles with personal and contact information.
Turnaround time
Travel vouchers are made relatively quickly - within a few days, because the time depends on the duration of the booking of travel services. The cost of such a document also depends on the number ordered.

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