Registration of a visa to Ukraine for foreigners and its cost

25.04.2018, 11:04
Registration of a visa to Ukraine for foreigners and its cost

Registration of a visa to Ukraine for foreigners is an important process, which in turn is the first step for a successful entry into Ukrainian territory. After all, for citizens of most foreign countries, obtaining a Ukrainian visa has become an urgent problem.

Types of visa sanctions

First of all, in order to begin the process of registration, it is necessary to determine for oneself the type of the necessary visa sanction. They are different, in most cases they are guided by the purpose of travel. For example, a tourist, business, working and the like.

Stages of registration

After the applicant already knows exactly what type of visa is needed, it is worth preparing documents that meet the requirements for this visa category. Of course, the list of papers is different for each type, but there are those things that unite. Here it is worth talking about:
1. The questionnaire, where basic data are entered regarding the purposes of the travel and the intentions of the applicant himself. There indicate contact information, passport number, duration of travel, number of days and the like. It has many items that should be carefully completed.
2. Photographs that exactly correspond to the requirements of the Ukrainian migration legislation, in particular, new ones and are executed on a white background without ornaments and hats.
3. Life insurance against accidents that may occur during a trip. Here it is worth paying attention to the accreditation of the insurance company in the Ukrainian consulate, which this policy issues.
4. The applicant's passport for traveling abroad, where there should be free pages. It must be undamaged and have a validity period of six months after the return of the foreign guest home.
5. A certificate of citizenship. In citizens of different countries it can also be different.
6. Proof of the purpose of the trip, that is one of the types of invitations, which in most cases are sent to the applicant from Ukraine.
7. Proof of own ability to cover expenses during a trip. Help here from the bank.
This list is inconclusive, and may vary depending on the case.

Cost of registration and terms

A tourist visa to Ukraine for entry is the fastest, considering the preparation of documents. But if we talk about the standard deadline, then it is somewhere between two or three weeks. In some cases, Ukrainian diplomats need time to revise the visa business, check the data. But this practice is rare.
Prices already depend on the categories of visas. For example, the most expensive one should be considered a visa for multiple trips, because it is convenient enough if you compare it with a two-time or one-time visa. These two others are cheaper.

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