Registration of business visa to Ukraine and the process of obtaining

16.05.2018, 10:05
Registration of business visa to Ukraine and the process of obtaining

Registration of a business visa to Ukraine and preparation of all necessary documents for this are important and pressing issues that foreign citizens often apply to visa firms. And it's not surprising, quite a few residents of other countries cooperate with Ukrainian legal entities, respectively, they need to receive an entry permit for a personal meeting, signing agreements and such things. Such a sanction may be issued by the Ukrainian Embassy on the basis of a certain list of documents.

List of securities

The documents for a business visa are fairly simple and accessible to every foreign applicant. Why then do they turn to private visa services? Just often there is no time to do everything, because it takes not one week or two. And so, having paid for services, you get for a short time the necessary permission to enter as a visa sticker.
So, with regard to the package of documents, the main ones are:
1. A visa application form filled with a neat handwriting, filled with a neat handwriting, where all the data should be inscribed as contact, passport, and those that primarily relate to the future journey - terms of stay, inviting party and the like.
2. Made for a short time before filing in the Embassy photos, which clearly shows the applicant's face, they performed on a light background. The size is 3x4.
3. All valid foreign passports. One is for a visa sticker and dies on the border, so there must be free pages - from two or more. In addition, the travel document must still be valid after the expiry of the visa and return to the country of residence.
4. Insurance policy, which includes the whole territory of Ukraine as a result.
5. An invitation from the host country, certified in the migration structures in the Ukrainian territory. It is sent to legal entities, which are preliminarily engaged in registration.
6. In the case when cooperation between the parties was previously conducted, then they add evidence to this fact, to be more exact, business contracts (possibly even acting ones), bank transfers and the like.
7. Written evidence of the ability of one of both parties to cover the costs of foreign business guests. Here it is necessary to provide information from the bank.

Cost of registration and terms

Most business visas are issued to foreign applicants about two weeks after they have submitted their documents. This is a kind of standard term. However, there are exceptions, sometimes visas are issued in a few days if necessary.
The cost depends on the category. A one-time visa will cost cheap, but it will cost a lot of money.

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