Registration of visas for foreigners in Ukraine: main stages

21.09.2016, 11:09
Registration of visas for foreigners in Ukraine: main stages
Visa to Ukraine for foreigners - an actual problem that often arises in the foreign applicants, they plan their journey with a definite purpose in the Ukrainian territory in the future. After all, for the citizens of many foreign countries provided the visa regime with Ukraine, so you must first apply to the visa or diplomatic representative Ukrainian Embassy for registration of a special permit. This authorization shall be issued on the basis of documents, which in turn is approved by the legislation of Ukraine since 2011.

Stages of processing
Making Ukrainian visa for any purpose consists of a few simple steps that you need to fully implement: the collection of key documents, filing them in the local diplomatic representatives of the Embassy of Ukraine, payment data structure, receive a response - or finished a visa or denial.
Visa to the Ukrainian state is $ 150 for a single trip, $ 160 for a double trip and $ 200 for authorization with the possibility of multiple entries on the Ukrainian territory. Payment is made only in the US currency.
Key documents
To make any type of Ukrainian visa have to provide a clear set of documents in accordance with the objectives of the trip. the following basic package:
1. The visa form, which specifies all the information - contact and passport details of the applicant, date of departure, the inviting party and the like.
2. Photos.
3. All existing passports - internal as IDS and to travel abroad.
4. Medical insurance against possible accidents on the Ukrainian land.
5. Proof of the family relationship, if it is provided.
6. Bank documents that attest to a certain sum of money to the applicant to cover the expenses that will be in the future associated with foreign travel.
Invitation for registration
The key and most important document for the registration of any category of visa is a special invitation - a document containing information on the purpose of travel.
Tourist Visa to Ukraine for entry into any number of days (but no more than 90) and into the corridor for the year is given on the basis of the so-called tourist invitation, which can be arranged both on the Ukrainian soil, and at the place of residence of the foreigner. Invitation for business or visitor's visa can obtain the Migration Service only on the territory of Ukraine. Cultural, sports, religious invitations are made on the Ukrainian side in the line ministries.
This list is not limited to, types of invitations can be as much as the goals of foreign visitors travel to the territory of Ukraine.
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